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Progress, progress! Bring on Level 5!
Progress is always a positive. I still have some things to work out due to extended time away from WA.However, I completed and published a new page on my website and completed another level. Baby steps but they are going forward.
January 02, 2018
Don't pay attention to the loud voice of doubters. They can always be relied on for negativity. Instead, listen to the silent voice voice in your head, full of positivity and telling you to try and little harder and smarter tomorrow.
Everyday give yourself a harder nudge in your direction!
Confidence is full of positivity and is priceless! Wear your badge proudly on your journey!
July 13, 2017
Always, always remember. At the end of the day, you are your greatest cheerleader!
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July 04, 2017
You must tell yourself, you are strong, you are determined, you will never give up because you are a winner!
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I just received a very welcome and wonderful surprise to my Saturday Morning (1/14/17). I am doing a search for affiliates within my niche. Lo and behold! There is my privately shared profile with my brief overview and link to my website from G+ sitting as THE FIRST PAGE!! I am saying to myself, WOW! It's dated December 24, 2016. Here is the link. this helps to build confidence going forward. I am on the right track. There is so much lear
January 01, 2017
The journey of learning here at WA continues. 2 courses complete! I am filled with excitement and looking forward to course 3 and the additional knowledge to be gained. Looking forward to learning about monetizing my site and everything else Course 3 has to offer! Yes!
A new year approaches. Here’s a brief look at my first 19 days as a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate. My main focus in these early days has been setting my sights on establishing a rock solid foundation for future success. One of the things I kept reminding myself to do is to always go at my own pace and recognize some days will be smoother than others. The important thing is continued progress.Here’s a brief overview of some amazing things occurring during these 19 days:First im