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January 10, 2019
Day FiveRanking: 83407 Tired tonight but wanted to post this! Deliberating on my First Domain Name. Received lots of helpful ideas! I LOVE the helpful Family Community atmosphere! I may have two people interested in WA, how do I get them help but receive credit... I don’t have my Website yet? Is it possible???
January 09, 2019
Day Four...My Ranking is 94,351 Still not quite sure what Ranking covers, but it is decreasing in numbers?!?I like the community helping spirit! It’s a refreshing splash of positivity! I love the variety of Goals. They cover the gamut and beyond!I’m having a time trying to pick a domain name that represents what I’m loving yet I don’t want to regret having a better domain name. My wife says pick carefully.... I agree. I want to start with health matters, but I can only
January 06, 2019
My FIRST day on this Starter Course. So I want to make a Memory History to mark my way.My wife says I'm full of useless information and am willing to talk to anyone who will listen.LOL Pretty sure she meant that comment as more pro than con...However, when I teach people how to move forward, she says they listen quite intently.As of today...I would LOVE to have the "Last Laugh" metaphorically speaking!Second Day, YEAH!My wife and I are looking for a Passive Income for our Retirement Years to co