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July 14, 2017
Not everyone can but if Friday is the start of your weekend then kick back and enjoy! A lot of planning goes into enjoying Friday nights. But it is just a small fraction of the entire weekend so put some planning into enjoying Saturdays and Sundays.If you are in a city like LA, New York, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, and Sydney, just to mention a few, then I guess you have lots of choices for a fantastic weekend.But an excellent start for the weekend is not limited to the major cities. Thrillist
Doing good is a mutual thing. When you do good, it feels good. So go out there and make someone happy today. There are myriads of ways to do so. If you are still at home - before leaving to go out, do something to put a pleasant smile on a family member’s face or that of a next-door neighbor.Place an unexpected call to cheer someone up who you know is a bit down this week. Make spur of the moment plans this weekend that you know will bring joy to someone special and if you know you owe so
I f you use Wealthy "Forward To" email service be aware that if you test it by sending an email to that account, you should also include a message. Apparently, if you send a blank message to your WA Forwarding Email account, it will return to you as undelivered.I would also assume if you send an Email that contains spam to your WA Email it will be rejected as well.To test your email accounts at WA make sure you have sufficient content in the message portion and preferably no spam.
June 21, 2017
This is not an endorsement for Couchsurfing but with millions of followers; it is worth a look - sleep on someone's couch for a few dollars.At first, I thought it was for young adventurous folks, but I now see eighty-year-olds using it. An eighty-year-old American lady was cycling through France. I'm planning a trip to downtown Boston, and the hotel rates are, well it makes you reconsider. Airbnb I've seen offerings for acouch in Boston via Airbnb also, but Couchsurfing goes one step further b
It came as a shock to me when I realized that you could not sing the "Happy Birthday to You" song in a public venue without paid permission from Warner in the U.S.A.The rest of the world, except Europe, was singing it in English as well as several other languages without any fear of litigation.A birthday celebration is not complete without singing Happy Birthday To You no matter the language. Probably at home parties, you could sing it without fear, but in public places like restaurants and an
June 02, 2017
Uncontrolled head movement, also called spasms, twitch or tic, may not be noticeable to others, unlike the twitch sufferer who is aware of it no matter how slight. Tic occurs due to sudden muscle contraction and relaxation. Medical treatment and lifestyle changes can help contain the disorder.Everyone should have experienced twitches that affect parts of the body such as eyelids, cheeks, and lips but not limited to these areas only.Muscle fatigue can cause spasms and also a stressed out nervous
One of the first introductory advice every new member receives at Wealthy Affiliate is to ask lots of relevant questions. Affiliate marketing is a faceted field, and you cannot learn everything by the book. You need good advice to gain experience.Be concise, and as accurate as possible when asking questions here. Avoid irrelevant questions or questions not on topic. Members appreciate questions but can be irritating to receive questions that are not relevant or questions just for question sake.
Before posting my content, I use Grammarly to correct most errors. It is not perfect but far better than not using anything. Grammarly emailed my weekly performance, and it is powerful - not my performance but the way they put it together.
A browser is an important part of your online strategy, so it is important to know the most important features of it. There are several browsers on the market but the information here is specifically for the Google Chrome browser.Tab: the tab is on the top of your Google browser and the new tab button is next to the last tab on the right.Navigation buttons: back, forward, refresh are to the top left.The Search box or address(URL) bar: (see illustration) it is more than that. Use it as a calcul
Crossover rulesIn the automotive world today for mid-size SUV’s which are a derivative of pickup trucks, crossovers vehicles are dominating due to ease of entry into the vehicle, better mileage per gallon of fuel and they are as the word implies a cross between a car and an SUV.LineageThe Toyota 4-Runner of today, is in its fifth generation and is a direct descendant of a pickup truck. It is available with only one powertrain which is a 4.0 liter V6 270 hp engine, a five-speed transmissio