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Just checking in, after not posting a blog for a few months since my first one, due to a series of surgeries and some family stuff that was pretty serious. I just paid for the 1 year membership, and I am very excited about having done so! I haven't been able to go at a very fast pace, due to these circumastances, so I had to check out WA somewhat slowly for about 4 months before I had the chance to put in enough time to make a decision. I am completely convinced I made the right one. After s
May 28, 2019
I am a brand new Platinum member as of about 1 hour ago. I am 52 years old, and I have primarily worked as a professional musician. I have also been a chef, off and on, for about 25 years. The music business is not entirely reliable in terms of amount of income, so I have often worked as a chef in order to make up for times during which the music money wasn't flowing at an adequate level. I am also well-educated in the fields of fitness and nutrition, having studied these areas in great depth,