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Hello fellow WAers!Hope you ALL are doing great!After months of consideration I've finally started my YouTube channel and one of my videos was ranked on the top of 2nd page in Google within few hours!It's really motivational result, which gives me great impulse to nourish my new channel.I would like to thank you all who inspired and helped me here at WA at all my online business activities.And, of course, I cannot see myself anywhere else except WA in this wild but beautiful world of internet m
Perhaps we all heard or said it at least once: 'I hate Mondays!' I'm not an exception.During the peak of my music club promotion carrier I had every Monday off.No phone calls, no messages, no 'outside my comfy room' world.Just green tea, meditation and movies.What a life!Well, it looks life is changing nowdays. First time in my life I've created something on Monday!Please check my new training here. It's called '15 Free Methods to Get More Viewers For Your Blog' and I hope it will be useful for
Hello fellow WAers!Hope that all of you are enjoying your paths here at WA and your lives in general.After couple of months full of very important changes in my life I'm back on track with my online business and ready to move forward full throttle.Yesterday I've published a short training about 7 Old School Ways To Get Traffic that Work.Web traffic is one of the crucial factors to boost your online business in any possible niche. Every entrepreneur should always be digging for new ways to get w
1. People who are successful engage in endauvours they don't really want to engage in...Literally they engage in activities they never like to execute so as to get to precisely where they wish to be.Unquestionable!Probably none of us run away from the crap work that consists of developing a prosperous online business! 2. Firstly accomplish what they littlest want to accomplish! This makes you consider yourself a vanquisher whole working day and prevents your activities from any interferences.Th
Today is important day in my Wealthy Affilate journey - I've created first post on my SuccessIntender website. Please check it out in my profile and let me know what you think.Your opinion will mean a lot to me!Thank you in advance!
Hello fellow affiliates!My name is Boris. Born in Moscow, Russia, now I live in Prague, Czechia.I have over 20 years of experience in electronic music business. In early 90s I had my own vinyl record shop which represented wide spectrum of electronic music from ambient, trip hop to techno. From 1998 till 2014 I was promoting a few club nights in Moscow, brining over 1200 international artists/djs to russian club scene.Time changed and I've decided to move to beautiful Prague and to start to cre