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Thank you all for your wonderful comments and support. After taking care of of our family and Mom and Dad's affairs I should be back in a month or so. Mom and Dad got 9 out of 12 hits, first page on google. I'm not sure how the news spread so rapidly from our little town. If you goggle "Couple dies together after 74 years" You will see my parents. Marcus and Madelyn Yensen from Salt Lake City Utah. First page, 9 out of 12 hits for that keyword phase. Not bad for not even trying. Dad would h
April 12, 2015
Both my parents passed away on April 7 2015, my father after a long illness, my mother unexpectedly and suddenly. I have not been able to devote time and attention here at WA and keep up with all of you, so my apologies to all, and will get back to WA business when I am able. Byron
My father is 94 yrs old, is in ill health, he keeps falling down. He broke his arm twice this year. The second time was a rebreak. We didn't know it was rebroke. He keep working and finally asked me to take him to see the doc. He said it hurt. Coming from a guy who has the dentist work on him without anesthesia, well, I guess it hurt! My mother is 93 yrs old, in constant pain and in a rehab center now, recovering from various illnesses. She had a stroke, but still knows who is who. Every day
June 06, 2014
Rule 1. Only give others what they can easily experience. Rule 2. Be able to experience anything
May 23, 2014
Two weeks ago LaVarre Daley passed away. I thought I would honor him here with my friends at WA. It's fitting since it is Mermorial Day here in America. He was very proud of his service to America as a Marine in WW2. He is the one on the right. He wasn't just a Marine. He was a Marine Raider. As he said, 1st squad 3rd platoon, A Company 4th Marine Raider Battalion. There were four Marine Raider Battalions. They were formed in the early dark days of WW2 after Pearl Harbor, when America was
No matter what evil, cranky looney toon character Yosemite Sam plays, you gotta love him. Blown up, smashed, sunk, shot, dropped, kicked, drop-kicked, whapped, smacked , slapped. He never wins, but........ He never gives up. Oh sure, at the end of the cartoon he waves the white flag, or says something dopey, but the next cartoon he's back at it. He keeps coming and never gives up. Learn from Sam
So, I am finished with Course 1, and moving on to course 2. I have left the sandbox, and now my favorite is story time. Or video time! I sit on the floor and listen with mouth open and eyes full of wonder as "Uncle" Kyle tells me the secrets of WA marketing. Is he great or what? Plus when I fall down all the big boys and girls hold my hand. By the way, what's that tag thingee this dang blog says go ahead and add below?
May 05, 2014
A big thank you to all who are following me. Also, to those who are communicating with me, I am very grateful. Please don't be offended if I don't reply at once. I am not ignoring you. This is like my first day in kindergarten, and I have found the sandbox. I am busy making all kinds of stuff and learning all sorts of internet marketing mysteries I didn't even know existed a month ago. So pardon my dust, I am still at recess in the sandbox.
April 27, 2014
What follows is a rather lighthearted story. It wasn't at the time. Keep in mind my family prepared me beforehand, picked my training ground well. I never saw or heard another living soul until my parents came back to get me. For me, FAILURE WAS NOT AN OPTION. It was over forty years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. So don't be afraid to make mistakes, that's how life teaches you lessons. Don't fear mistakes. Embrace them. They are your best teachers and you never forget. Fol