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Hi to all my Wealthy Affiliate friends, since I am now hosting my site elsewhere, nothing personal, but I am still a Premium member here I for some reason am not part of the give and take comments section.Which is why I am asking for some comments to be left on 3 posts of mine, I will return the favor straight away. This would be greatly appreciated, thanx in advance guys!! :)
Hey everyone, since revamping my site I am excited to hear from you guys what your thoughts are on it. I am no longer being hosted by WA but still a Premium member which means I am no longer allowed to request comments in the comments section here at WA/..... I am still very much a part of this community and still pay my yearly subscription and was hoping that I could get some comments on my site this way if at all possible? OR Feedback here please.www.blubutterflynailtips.comhttp://blubutterf
Hi everyone, I have been very very busy revamping my site offline but am now ready to migrate it to replace the one that is live. Can anyone help with how this can be done as I have since found out there is no cpanel here...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank youJustine
How can I get my visitors to go through to the product review page, this is my most popular post on my site, I would like it to convert better by getting my visitors to click on product review?Any suggestions so muchJustine
Hi everyone, I just wanted to share something that I think is valuable and I believe it has and will make a difference in my sales.Yesterday I spent some time creating my own widgets in Using an image of the product as well as a good headline ie:#1 Nail Repair ProductThe Nail Repair Kit That Is Sending My Nail Business Broke!!OrAward Best Nail File!!Then, on my callus remover post, I had the best nail repair widget showing& on the nail repair review I had the callus remover widge
Hi everyone, I am currently writing an article on my website about depression mainly for moms. I have suffered myself from depression on and off for years, my goal here is to share Wealthy Affiliate with other women that struggle with this too.Wealthy Affiliate has given me a purpose in life again. I love all the training and not only that the support and friends I have made here are like nothing else I have ever come across before. It is almost overwhelming!! Coming from someone that has s
Hi everyone, this is my second site, my first site is a niche site which is doing pretty well, I didn't seem to find it too hard finding good keywords for that niche, but I am for this new site?I thought about targeting stay at home moms looking for work online, I would love to help more women get involved in affiliate marketing because I know myself how much more positive in life I am since being a part of this awesome community as well as successfully creating a profitable niche website.Okay
Hi everyone, I just wanted to start a discussion that I can share with my visitors within this community just to give them a good idea of how many stay at home moms are building their empires with the training here at Wealthy Affiliate.Any feedback, success stories, any stories in fact would be awesome and very much appreciated.Thank you in advanceJustine :)
Okay so yesterday I got an email from Google Webmasters Tools telling me that my site is now verified after hours of trying to work out why it would not verify. Anyways now I have been send an email asking me which url I would prefer. www. or no www. So after reading other posts and training here in the community I decided to go with using a non www. and now I get another message saying I have to verify that I am the owner of www before I can click prefer non www. Does this make sense an
Hi everyone, this is something that you should check so your most recent comments on your posts/pages are showing first rather than your older comments. Go into your WP Dashboard/Settings/Discussiongo down the page until you reach'other comment settings' Make sure that is set to 'NEWER' . This way when you get visitors to your post and they are wanting to read feedback they won't have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the most recent. Usually they would of clicked away. :)