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December 29, 2015
Don't you just love when you realize why you are doing what you are doing?I was somewhat confused at why you need to review products and as in products I mean affiliate programs.. Well I got that you had to review things in your niche.. but why affiliate programs.. I just now realized that you want to review the other affiliate programs to compare them to WA and show that WA is the way to go.. but do so without leaving cards on the table by signing up for the program and getting your own link t
December 23, 2015
Sup everyone! How is it going? That is splendid, I'd have to say :)So ya, I have 200 comments which I feel is pretty cool. Hence the rainbow :)I couldn't have done this without Wealthy Affiliate so thanks guys! Even though I havent' made any money at all.. I sure have learned a lot! and my content is getting better every day. I also recently updated my WA review so i feel good about that. I have to control the amount of images I use on my posts because it's my favorite part to put images on and
So I recently checked my ranking using Jaaxy and I have an article that is ranked on the first page and first link with this keyword. Guaranteed method for selling panties online. so for you trying to rank out there. It's possible. haha. :)
December 14, 2015
First - Consistency is the name of the game. Second - First takes a long time Third - Go back to FirstSo what do we do in the mean time?Well there are things you should be doing already.. kinda like your fixed variables in this equation. And then there are things that could be your independent variables. Here are my fixed variables: Write a Article/ReviewUse site commentsShare the articlePrep the next article So the above 1-4 takes me all morning to do before I need to leave for work. So
When you have parents to tell you what to do, you listen to them and do as they say simply because they are wiser than you. Well can you say the same with your sibling? I have had the privilege to look up to my big sis my whole life. But for the past 4 years she has been away in prison because of a deadly car accident on the highway. And the predicament comes down to this... I don't want to go to college BUT I want to be a good bro to my sis no matter what. She wants me to go to college BUT I w
December 03, 2015
Hello there, Today I'd like to share with you something about me.. it's not a bad thing.. it's just something that makes me who I am today. I am broke. there. I am basically living off my love for my family. Money doesn't and has never defined who I am or was. There is just no way that having all kinds of money will make me happy. With only $3.76 in my bank account.. ya I am motivated. I wake up every morning and write a quality article for my keyword that i prepped the day before. But here's s
December 02, 2015
Hi Everyone!Recently I've been reading the book called "Marriage isn't for you" by Seth something.. and It really opened my eyes to the way the whole "Help me help you" phrase. Here's the big pictureBasically what I got from the book was that if you focus on someone else's problems and finding ways to help the other person, then your own problems will diminish! So Lets all help each other I want to help YOU! Whatever it might be.. a follow on twitter.. a comment on your website.. a retweet, sh
Hey guys, Billy here with an update on my Calendar investment. It was 1:00 AM when I went out to Giant Eagle Grocery store. I had some strong coffee late that night with some friends and I couldn't sleep. Well I couldn't find any 2015 calendars, only 2016. I ended up getting a notepad and thought I could write out my days manually. I came home and spent an hour actually filling this notepad out, starting out with october 14 and went a month into the book... also wrote my goals on the front. So
October 14, 2015
Hi Guys! If you are busy and like to be organized.. what do you do to feel that way? Buy a calendar, right? So here I am, on course 4 lesson 9 and I'm thinking.. "Hey, lets organize these blog posts through out the month" and I love that idea. It will help with getting my head straight before siting down and writing engaging quality content that can be potentially high ranked in the future 4 years from now. So my question for you is.. do you have a calendar? If so how do you use it and do you h
October 13, 2015
Hey Everyone. Hope you are learning something new everyday. As of my progress and how far I have come since I first learned of Affiliate Marketing. I have learned so much! I'm just wondering how many more courses are there because I hope they never end!I have seen Kyle and a lot of others saying that the more time you spend on your website the better. That's what i just have to keep in mind while i continue this campaign. I also went from 100k+ to 878 in less than a month in my rankings. I'm pr