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Hello WA friends! It's been a while since I've made some noise, here at WA. My last blog mentioned something about my wife and I having a baby....So that happened! It was a crazy ride! My wife was diagnosed with preeclampsia in early august, my baby was diagnosed with having just one kidney, in July and decided to show up 3 weeks early! But thats all whole other story!Everyone is doing just great, today! I just wanted to share the news and gloat a bit with some pictures :)Side Note: Although I
Exciting NewsHello, everyone! I have some really great news that I'd love to share with my WA family. My wife is now in her 14th week of pregnancy! I'm gonna be a daddy!This will be my first child, and when the baby is born, I'll be at the ripe old age of 44! But from what I understand, raising kids is a breeze ;)Due date is September 20th. We do not and don't want to know the sex beforehand. We're excited, anxious, nervous, unprepared, and everything else that comes with being a first-time par
The MythAhhhh... I just love how I can tell a story about comedy and somehow tie it into WA! Today I'm going to share with you a quick story about Louis CK.If you don't know who Louis CK is, he is probably the most popular comedian in the US as well as in other countries, today. I'll apply his story to WA in just a moment. First, the myth....The myth about stand up comedy is that it's a glamorous life. A well-paid profession in which you get to travel the country and bring your funny.The truth
March 14, 2016
I just read a blog from WA member paulgoodwin ( wrote about Reddit and his success with it. Well, I'm liking Reddit myself....I thought I'd add to his blog, with my own blog. I recently posted a few things from my site on Reddit. One was a review, the other was a video.The video was viewed over 1,500 times in less than 24 hours.The review is on page 1 of Google, position 4 listed under the Reddit website.Right below that is the same review
A lot of people share their successes here on WA, whether money, traffic, things they've been able to accomplish outside of WA because of what they have learned here, etc.I'm a little quiet when it comes to sharing my success, but know that I am, in bits and pieces. And today, I wanted to share with you how what we learn here at WA, works!Below is a screen shot of Jaaxy showing my Google Ranks for the last 5 searches I did. I only share 5 because that's all I could fit into the screen shot. The
Inspired To InspireEach time I sit down at WA, read a blog, have a question, move forward, get stuck, etc, there seems to be something with internet marketing and stand up comedy that is similar. The similarities seem endless. Almost as if comedy and internet marketing are one in the same.I was inspired to write this blog after reading another WA members profile, earlier today. To sum it up, it was about taking chances and the fears that come with it.You're A ComedianImagine you're about to ste
I've noticed 2 things which go hand in hand.WAers answering newbies questions in classrooms with"Follow the lessons, its all in there."Newbies in chat saying "No one will answer my question, they just tell me to "follow the lessons."I gotta say, I think this pretty bad. I know for absolute certain if I had gotten an answer like that the first time I asked a question, I would have been out of here and had never signed up.I remember first finding WA and thinking, 'What is this place?' 'Is this fo
Someone posted a link to their website today in one of the classrooms asking for feedback. I quickly skimmed the page he posted and didn't give it much thought. It sounded a bit regurgitated, which is expected from a new member with little experience. Sounded as if he was just repeating something he heard, it wasn't very personal.Later this evening I went into Course 3, lesson 2 to find some info to try to help someone with an issue. Low and behold, I'm reading word for word what I read on this
August 05, 2015
I've been a member of WA for just under 2 months now. Never built a website with more than 4 pages with 1 post on each page. Never sold anything online, therefore never made money online. But I have accomplished these things, here at WA, in a very short time. Here's a screen shot of an email I received early this morning. Keep at it, and best of luck to you all.
I took my very first visit to the feedback section on our site manager. After a little over a month and getting some content on my site, I thought it was a good time for some feedback. Not to mention, the big fat red zero % staring back at me on my site health was starting to look intimidating this far into the game.WA member Stephhill was looking for some feedback on a banner in her site. We sent several messages back and forth with each other, when we both came to the same conclusion. We'd be