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April 01, 2017
Earned the dedication badge today and I just wanted to say THANK YOU TO THE WONDERFUL COMMUNITY OF WA! :)This is truly a great platform and god bless everyone who has helped me acheive success through this platform.Have an amazing day ahead! :)Regards,Suhail.
February 11, 2017
Hi, everyone!How are you all doing today?It's been quite some time since I've written a blog so I decided it would be a nice time to type out a few words today to let you know that i'm selling a bedding set!This is something I thought might be interesting to people reading this post and I certainly loved this bedding set... it's perfect for your child's room!However, I'm only selling this for the people in the United Arab Emirates currently.So, if you're interested in buying this let me know.FR
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January 06, 2017
Hello, everyone!How are you all doing today?I wish you and your family a very happy and warm new year ahead.May this year be filled with joy, happiness and success for you.May God bless you all. Best Regards,
December 27, 2016
Dreams are one of the biggest motivators when it comes to being successful in life, and excuses are the most common reason for failure.When you have a dream that you want to make it a reality you will work hard to achieve this goal, and you will not let anything stand in your way.When you make excuses you are refusing to take responsibility for your life and what you make of it, and using the mindset that the failures in your life are not your fault will not help you make the most of your life.
December 19, 2016
Being successful isn't always the hardest thing in the world.It's equal parts luck and hard work. But adding value to something is a lot harder, which is why Albert Einstein's quote is a good reminder if you find yourself blinded by the hunt for success.There's nothing wrong with success, but oftentimes it's easy to lose sight of who you are when you're successful.If you keep your eyes on your own values, you'll end up both successful and a good person, which is a pretty good combination.Thank
December 18, 2016
Storm clouds are often the portent for something good coming after. If you want to feel the sun on your face, you have to put up with the clouds first.Every leader and a business person goes through periods of never-ending hardships.People tend to believe that a beautiful life is one without hardships. The truth is, though, that adversity can enhance life’s beauty.Hardships make for a strong heart. A heart built by faith, perseverance, and growth.A heart that inspires confidence, opens do
Hello, everyone!This is just a quick update about the traffic on my website.Lately, I've been so involved in typing out content for my website, I haven't been all that active at WA.But I've started to get organic traffic everyday now and that gives me the assurance that my content is being viewed by people who actually search for those things on Google.I also get anonymous comments from people who read the content!Haven't made a sale yet but hopefully, I will soon. Also, when I searched for the
May 31, 2016
I must say, second websites are so much easier to make than your first.Well, isn't it obvious? We've learned all the basics of website building through the certification courses and even more from the wonderful WA community members!Mostly, when people start with their certification courses, they go for something which they are passionate about and this helps them type so much in their respective niches.There are many others, who have also completed the certification courses but now want to prom
May 20, 2016
Finally, I've been a premium member for about two months now and I must say, Wealthy Affiliate does help in a lot of progress.The helpful people around here make it easier to ask for help and there is a training for almost everything :DThere are many things I've learned during this process and some of them which helped a lot are:The bounce rate effects on ranking.How to monetize a website better.The best plugins out there for social sharing and others.Getting ranked with the help of google webm
May 03, 2016
Hi, everyone!How's it going? :DI have to give the WA community credit for the tremendous support and guidance.I love the helpful attitude everyone has around here and it get's doubts cleared so easily and as a result, helps in progress.My website, , has finally reached a point where I have my affiliate promotions up and running.Also, when I installed Google Analytics, the traffic coming to my website amazed me.The power of keywords is truly outstanding!Even though the belly fat