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February 01, 2017
I just got informed that I've made my 1 year badge! And even though I knew very little about the computer when I started, Wealthy Affiliate has taught me how to build a website that I am pretty proud of. So if you've ever thought about building yourself an internet business but don't think you have what it takes, think again! Wealthy Affiliates co-founders as well as a great community will get you through your troubled times.
December 04, 2016
When I look back, one of the biggest things remembered is all the disappointment I encountered while looking for a real way to learn, about making a website and business.That is until coming across this program that is a legitimate way to make a real business without money out of my pocket right off the bat. If you're tired of spending time after time on the computer just to find one scam after another, that wants money right off the get go! Then chances are it's a scam to get your money, and t
December 02, 2016
But the important thing here is that business is starting,however slow it may be! I've made 70 cents from Wal-Mart and a $1.48 from amazon! So I consider that a positive move towards my goals to succeed. I do know one thing though! I never would have made a penny if it wasn't for Wealthy Affiliates 2 free website program. Not to mention a pretty good website! Well at least I think it's a pretty fair website and hopefully people that get on it will find it useful and informative as well!
November 14, 2016
Well, this morning I checked my e-mails and found out that I was accepted into the Harley Davidson affiliate program. For some it means nothing,but for me it means plenty! I rode a Harley for many years until a stroke changed that ! But the point I'm trying to make is the quality that harley davidson apparel actually has. As you see by my profile pic, I'm wearing my old harley coat that I've wore daily since 1987! That coat has seen blizzards,buckets of rain,mud and everything else you can thin
November 09, 2016
Well, it seems I have fallen behind in my writing, but gained leaps and bounds in my honey dooz the past couple months! But since winter came knocking a month ago or more on the mountain tops surrounding us, it was time to prepare for what's coming! So I've installed a new kitchen floor with foam barrier for better insulation, made a hearth and surroundings and installed a nice fireplace! And with a little more winterizing just maybe I'll be ready for Jack Frost and Old Man Winter! I do know th
October 18, 2016
Well,when I say stumped it's because I'm part of the best place to be out of all the internet sites there is to learn this business. And yet I can't seem to bring anyone aboard this intriguing journey! I do have a couple different posts to help explain what a great place WA truly is, but can't get a nibble on bringing in new members! You always hear someone say how they wish they could be their own boss ! This is that chance, but yet to my dismay, I have no takers! I think to myself that I fell
October 07, 2016
I don't know how many people keep up on local or national news, but this year there is a new threat towards our children! They have been spotted throughout our country and states, and are trying to lure our children! And I do not know if these entities are doing these acts on their own or through other entities or groups! And as stupid as it may sound to some, I am talking about clowns, yes clowns! This halloween keep an extra eye out as this really is a serious matter, and not to be taken ligh
September 07, 2016
Well, I clicked on my Amazon account this morning to see one order, one shipped item, and a $1.48 of earnings. It's what I have waited for, for what seems like forever! I hope it's not a fluke and with any luck just the start of good things to come. It was on a Lesche digging tool, good choice! I would imagine it's probably to a metal detectorist, or maybe a little old lady that want's to use it in the garden. Know matter who it's to, I'm sure they'll get years of good service out of it !
September 04, 2016
Well it's September 4 th and I think summer's over! Summer ends when it starts getting colder, and some years fall is only a couple three weeks and winter winds start to blow in Idaho! And that's just how it is here in Idaho! We didn't get to do much of anything this summer due to fires and smoke! Now it will just depend if we get some Indian Summer, that can sometimes last into December. I sure hope so, because I'd sure like to get some metal detecting and prospecting in!
August 11, 2016
My journey here at WA has been the learning experience of a lifetime! You see when I started WA, I had no knowledge of computers and absolutely no knowledge of the construction of building a website! And with no money out of pocket to test the water so to say, how could it possibly be a bad move? I have learned so much in my time here that I felt it was time to speak up of the great experience that my journey has been! The learning platform in place has made this much more enjoyable than I ever