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As much as I hate to admit it, I have been a life long procrastinator!! Wow... it really feels great to get that off my chest and expose my dark little secret to the bright light of day.. lol Now, you would have never known it just to look at me or my accomplishments... I am one of those people that works extremely well under pressure and produces some of their best work at the last minute. But its definitely, so much nicer to be able to plan things out and achieve them over time... much more r
OK... Who's with me? Alright, maybe you don't have to recall all of the calendars... reprogram all of the computers, tablets and phones... or even tell Mother Earth that she needs to slow down her spin just a wee bit in order to give me just a little more time to get things done every day. At least not just yet. When I found WA, I was already working many hours a day, six days a week... and as I'm sure everyone will agree.... building a new online business is another full time job