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August 31, 2020
I am glad to be back at Wealthy Affiliate after a long break. I am looking forward to learning more and making an impact on my business and other people.Emmy
March 16, 2020
There are three cases of corona virus in Kenya now and there has been a lock down in government offices. Only essential services are being offered and most companies have opted to have online services via social media.We hope the lock down will help and that it will not spread so much. Tanzania also reported the first case of corona virus yesterday.Lets all take precautions to avoid more spread of the virus.Emmy
So far I got 13 free referrals in my back office. My big question is how can I convert them to be premium members?Any advise from Members in here?Regards.Emmy
June 09, 2019
I recently applied for Google Ads and I was so excited about the steps I had made so far only to be slapped with a non approval! I got so discouraged to the extend that I haven't been able to even finish my freebie content which was almost three quarter done. On the flipside, when I checked my Google Analytics, I notice a growth in my website with 28 users in one week! And 101 users per month! This is really encouraging despite my discouraggement with Google Ads.Now I need help on the way for
When I casually checked on my referrals tab, I was suprised to find out that I have six referrals! It is so exciting to see my hardwork bearing some fruit....they are free members for now and I only pray that they upgrade to Premium soon.But it is so exciting to see some progress in my efforts.Anyone with the same excitement?Emmy
I have been building my website on the earning affiliate income and I am wondering if your can give me some feedback on how I am coming along with my website. Here is my domain: www.earningaffiliateincome.comThanks.Emmy
I am so excited about google as it's not giving me some breathing space! The sooner I release articles the faster it indexes! The last article I wrote three days ago has been indexed and another one I did one week ago has been indexed too. I realLy got to keep pace with Google! It's so excting to have my websites indexed so fast.Check them out here. and wish everyo
I was slapped with a pleasnat surprise this evening when I logged into my websites and found out that out of the eleven articles I have recently published, ten have been indexed in google. I coundnt be more excited! That gave me a lot of positve energy to continue writing articles. I know I am on the way to earning an income online and I would encourage anyone to continue writing articles and updating your websites. I am on the road to living the life of my dreams!Emmy
I couldn't get any happier when I logged into my account only to realize that my content has been ranked in Google. This is my third website and I am so exctied about it. This is the website: am more charged and more inspired to move on with weatlhy Affiliate until I get the financial breakthrough. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate and I am glad to be part of thiscommunity.Emmy
November 13, 2017
I must say that today was my greatest morning ever! As I was searching online for something, I pumped into my Website! Not only that.....I was no. 8 on Google's first page! I couldn't be more excited. I said....wait a minute...this looks know...only to realize that its my website. I am glad I have made this far and this is the page that appeared on Google's first page. couldn't be any better without Wealthy Affiliate!