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Facebook took the last remaining step toward truly making Messenger its own platform, announcing today that people will be able to use the service without a Facebook account.As long as you have at least a phone number, and live in either Canada, the United States, Peru or Venezuela, you will be able to sign up for Messenger regardless of whether or not you’re on Facebook.Let’s face it, not everyone is a Facebook user — by uncoupling itself from Messenger, Facebook has the opportunity to re
June 23, 2015
Hello Friends, I hope you all are doing GREAT. I just wanted to share a post which was published on my website a while ago. I think there were pretty decent knowledge shared in the post even though the post itself is short. I share THREE internet marketing news websites in my post. Oh YES, they are all FREE to read latest Internet Marketing News and Updates. I believe it will benefit you all. Here is the link : really appreciate, if you leav
February 21, 2014
1. Do Not Promote A Product That I Have Never Used , Are Familiar With, Or One That Has Not HELP Me Succeed In One Way Or Another. 2. Always Think About Helping The Reader First. 3. Never Use MONEY As The Primary Motivation For Any Action That I Take. 4. Always Remember That I Would Not Be Successful If It Wasn't For My Readers. 5. I AM NOT BETTER THAN ANYBODY ELSE.
December 20, 2013
WA become my home since I rejoined on Black Friday Offer. I simply enjoy every minute I spent at WA and every time I log in to WA , I feel like I am HOME. If I have to write about all the good things at WA , It will be a very long letter. WA is THAT GOOD with so many amazing people and so much to learn. I know that I have so much more to learn each and everyday and most importantly to take ACTION. Since I rejoin WA, my mindset have changed after day one. What do I mean by that? YES, when I fir
December 02, 2013
Hello friends , How are you all? I am really happy and excited by joining WA for a year from now on. I know that I have to put a lot of hard work and time management ( between family , friends and my day job ). I can't stop thinking about working from home, so that I can see my lovely wife and future kids everyday while I am running my business from home. I would really like to make a lot of friends in WA because I just love FRIENDS :). Even though I am novice in this business, If you want to r