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For those who really liked Pandoras Box Of Cooking, I'm apologize. I had to finally close it down because I just didn't have the time to maintain it. I've been building my jewelry business. Helping people learn how to do the same thing I'm doing, as well as creating jewelry and doing jewelry repairs. I've been pretty busy. Unfortunatly, I haven't found a way to outsource taking pictures of things I make. Anyway, all that is the reason I haven't been in WA for a while as well. When I'm ready to
November 05, 2016
I've gotten a lot of comments lately about how positive and confident I am. I know I'm a positive person, I strive to be that. I've never really given much thought to what other characteristics that would cause me to have. Or at least appear to have. Sometimes I don't feel as confident as I seem to be apparently. I'm sure you can relate to that. Sometime I'm just plain worn out and want to hide under the cover for a few days. But I don't. Maybe that's the difference people see. I've known some
I've just finished building my new e-commerce website "In Pandora's Kitchen." The actual Grand Opening ads will be out next weekend not this weekend. But I would love any comments or critiques that might help me improve on it this week. So I've disabled the coming soon mode, in order for you to be able to take a look. I've work hard on it but a fresh set of eyes is always helpful. You can leave me comments here or in my profile. Just go to I would really appreciate
September 05, 2016
You have to know your WHY. Write it down. If it doesn't move you.... it isn't the real reason, it isn't strong enough. Think it over and dig deep. Ask yourself What's the real reason you need to do this? You'll find your why and it will probably be a very emotional moment. We all have our own reasons and they are always very personal. But the bottom line is we need to succeed for ___whatever___ reason. Use it to create your success! Use it to keep you motivated. Post it somewhere that you'll se
Need help from all my friends near and far. I hope this is OK, asking for help. As I'm getting all the plug-ins to develop my website into the first class retail site and blog site I want it to be. Ii needs a specific kind of traffic. It's a lot of work building it and well worth it to make it run the way I plan. Getting it back to what I had before is no small feet, believe me. But I'm confident it will get there. Meanwhile, I've already started a facebook promotion while I'm still building th
It’s time, I’m ending level 2 and posting to tell everyone how I’m doing. My website is coming along pretty good I think. I’ve been following the training and have done everything. I’ve got some pretty nice blogs up that I’m proud of. I’ve been working on making product contacts, which isn’t in the training. It’s just something I need to do. I’ll keep building the site up. I haven’t made any money yet, because I don’t have