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November 27, 2019
Overcoming various obstacles. Seeing the various patterns of life. Learn something new every day. Study of English is different from the five continents of the world. And that's one years of journey in Wealthy Affiliate. And the peak was still far. I want to give a Pantun is not a Poem. Only the Malays have Pantun in the world "Kalau hendak seribu daya, Kalau tak mahu seribu dalih"
September 20, 2019
Google Has Discovered My Site!My website has been indexed on Google ... sweet! The Google index badge means that I have a website that has been indexed by the largest and most used Search Engine in the world. First comes the indexing, then comes the position and traffic. This is a great achievement!But this episode is just getting started on a more challenging journey. Whatever steps need to be taken in order to reach the pinnacle of success. Hard or easy, slow or fast is an experience on the r
Farewell of Two Thousand Eighteen. Welcome Two Thousand Nineteen.Time is so fast, without waiting for it to leave us. What happened? What am i doing? How much achievement? What has been donated? Time and make it happen is the answer. There is no shortcut to finding success. Just do it better. Happy New Year to all members Wealthy Affiliate
November 26, 2018
Hello. Hi everyone's. I hope all in good health and in the blessedness of god.