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September 11, 2018
I just checked my Amazon Affiliate page and was very surprised to see that I had two sales yesterday! My site is just five weeks old, and I wasn't expecting to see results so soon. This has really made my day and given me more motivation to keep working. The commission is small for the countless hours I have put in, but as we all have to learn that is just part of starting a business. Frankly, the $5 I have made in the last five weeks means so much more to me than any $5 I could make in half a
September 07, 2018
I just completed my first month at WA, and today I made the decision to upgrade to a yearly membership. I have learned an incredible amount just in the past month, and I'm feeling confident that I can make this work. I am grateful for all the more experiences members who share their knowledge with the community. Every time I have run into a problem or had a question, I have easily found the answer right here in WA.After I got over my nervousness about spending a large amount of money at once, g
I joined this site just one week ago, and I am truly impressed by what I have seen of it so far. I have never been great with computers, but the training makes it easy even for someone like me. It really couldn't be more straightforward. The community is very engaging and motivating, so that I look forward to logging in and moving through training every day.I have looked into many online business ventures before, but this one is different. I am enjoying the process of learning and building a we