Being new here and just learning, why am I being punished because people do not like my comments on their sites? I have three that did not accept my comments, two of which are the same person. I know why that one did not accept them, I had planned to never comment on theirs again, but the other one, I have no idea why or how to get better at it. Also, is there a way to lift this punishment, I have no way now to get others comments on my site.

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marmar463 Premium
You are not being punished by no means. I was confused about comments and feedback myself so just do what the others advise you to do and you will be fine.
StevenRinker Premium
I had a newer member confuse feedback with comments. All I did was use that as an opportunity to explain the difference to the member.

She then came back and gave me an awesome comment! Plus her feedback was constructive just not what I was looking for in my comment section! :)

e all pride ourselves on helping our fellow WA'ers. Let's not jump to conclusions and assume everyone is being rude.

There are a few things here that might be confusing to a new member.
Chrissies Premium
Hi Rebecca,
I think you are mixing up comments and feedback.
When you comment on a website, try to be positive, and view the post you are commenting on as if you were a visitor who had arrived via Google.
Comments are not the place to criticise the website or site layout - that is for feedback, where you are asked for feedback on a specific topic.
Check out the link that has been left for you by Bryan, and once you understand the difference, your comments will be accepted.
Good luck :)
PatsyC Premium
Hi Rebecca, so many of us got the same ban for not knowing. I was giving feedback without realizing it and was banned.

You have to go to Kyle to tell him what you did then he will lift the ban. He told me not to do it again. This was not long after I joined.

~Feedback is helping other members by giving advice etc for their website.

~Comments are like YOU are the visitor and can relate to the niche and for example, ask a question or share an experience with it.

Don't worry, it's happened to so many members and you aren't alone :)
Bryan8 Premium
See this: Hope it helps. You can ask site support to lift the ban after you acknowledge that you understand what you did wrong.
RCoppersmit1 Premium
Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.