I'm assuming it can be a page shown in the main menu. Do we have to link to it for every post that has an affiliate link only or does it have to be linked on every page and post?

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HennieSteyl Premium
As all the comments advise you, link to it in every post.
skmorrow Premium
I have mine in the menu, then it will always be available.
MKearns Premium
Post specific location for maximum effect!
JeannineC Premium
@lakbar12 is correct. It's not enough to just have one page. You are expected to have the disclosure precede the first affiliate link on each page. I spent time chatting with an FTC lawyer at the recent Affiliate Summit and he confirmed all of this.
lakbar12 Premium
To my understanding it has to be linked to every post...I asked this same question and was told that FCC is not accepting just the page any longer.

Also form what I learned on Lawyer blogs they have to be on each and every post...

Here is a training about adding the disclosure And here is where I asked the question and these are the answers I got... I hope this helps...

I am placing it on every post just to be on the safe side...