I am getting a little confused to what is the most important focus right now. I am having some problems signing up with some affiliate programs but I do have some important ones like Amazon, Home Depot, Click bank. How many is good to have? I am also losing momentum on writing content because of all the information I'm getting on Affiliate Marketing. I am reading all the time but when is enough of the reading and the interruptions from all these Marketers trying to get my business. I still cant get Absence to work on my site. What should I do right now. Should I just keep writing my content and ignore the rest?. I have gotten my commitment badge but I am falling behind on content. I'm a little out of focus on what I need to do. Can I get some advise on this?

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Dale123 Premium
Honestly, the best thing to do sometimes is to just block everything out and focus on creating quality content. Tell yourself, for the next 30 or 60 days I will do nothing other than research & create quality content for my website... Then, come 60 days time you will be in a VERY good position.

It's way too easy to start getting distracted by all of the information that other marketers try to bombard you with, so I would really recommend just homing-in on your content for a while.
BrightSales Premium
At some time you will need to write contents. Google will recognize your page better if you have organic contents with great keywords. If your website is loaded with affiliate links, it will look like an ad site than an engaging one to your visitors. I like to mix mines. A review product today and some interesting contents some other time. Best wishes!
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Kathleen .... it's all ok ....

Good question and all questions are good ones here ....

You likely just answered your own question .... with this:

"What should I do right now. ... just keep writing my content !"

You've got this! ... Content, Quality Content, Unique Content! ....

keep scaling onward & upward with Content .... and indeed, engage your interested audience even more with your Unique Content because YOU are Unique & special ...

always remember that .... keep well, stay strong ...

all the best, see you at the Top! .... cheerio .... :)
PhoenixFlame Premium
Just focus on Keyword Research for your blog post articles.
Just keep at that and your rankings, traffic, commissions will improve. It is better to have something on your website than nothing at all.

There are plenty of other Affiliate Programs you can join, WA, Ebay, Wish.com, Citrio Browser Affiliate program, FlexOffers is pretty easier to get into, IBOToolbox, etc.

If your website is fairly new, Adsense may take some time to be enabled.

Did you have your SEO set up okay? Search Engine Optimization?

Are there people playing Tennis in Tennessee?
keishalina9 Premium
... it's all good! ... carry onward & upward to Success! .... :)
KathleenJ Premium
Oh yes people are playing tennis as much as possible. The weather is great here. I will take your advice and sign u[ for those you have suggested. Plus I will focus on content and block out all the info from gurus trying to get money from me. Again thank you.

PhoenixFlame Premium
I hope you liked my pun statement regarding you in Tennessee playing Tennis.

Welcome Kathleen dearie, no problems as long as I helped in some way or form.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Kathleen, there will always be offers swirling around, that will never change.

The key can be to focus on WA and work through and apply the training, it is about building a foundation and online presence.

The most important thing is to create content; it is the content that brings visitors to your website.

It is visitors that click on links and buy now buttons.

That can not be overstated enough.!

In tandem work out what you are trying to sell and promote. Also to whom you are trying to present those offers to.

That cannot be overstated enough!

There are processes and a formula here in WA, the hardest thing can be to follow, without getting side tracked.

At the start of each week plan how much time you have to invest in your online business, and then measure your progress.

Don't get down hearted if you don't hit your target, be consistent in taking action.

When it comes to affiliate programs, if you don't have traffic them it makes selling that much harder