Calling all Amazon Affiliates!

Wealthy Affiliate Training LEVEL 4: Lesson 3... The assignment is to "Create a Facebook Status Update that meets one of the SIX engagement aspects".

So to meet this requirement, I will be posting an engaging Photograph of my Vase Centerpiece niche with Amazon products embedded within my blog. However I must first purchase the Vase pieces from Amazon, so that I may then photograph it.

In regards to Amazon's bizarre / difficult / greedy rules...
(take your pick of an adjective)...

What is your workflow in purchasing the same Amazon products that You promote on Your blogs, and yet to avoid the Amazon rule of prohibiting Affiliates to purchase Amazon Products using their own Affiliate Links?

As You are aware, Amazon extends this prohibition to: anyone You Know, anyone you Knew, went to kindergarden with, conversed with on spring break, saw across the supermarket, or read about living or dead in history. This also goes for not allowing Your Father's Brother's Nephew's Cousin's Former Roommate.
Kudos to who can name that last reference.

So I called Amazon Associates Affiliate Program, think I'll call them the AAAP...
and they said yes this one is tricky / ridiculous / sad
(again take your pick of an adjective)...

One workaround the AAAP recommended was to:

1. Click Your blog links to bring up the Amazon products

2. Then copy/transcribe those product titles over to a word document.

3. Log out of Amazon.

4. Clear all the browser cache, and clear all browser cookies, thus clearing out your 1 day Amazon cookie Affiliate ID tracking code.

5. Log back into Amazon.

6. Re-copy/transcribe the product titles back into Amazon's search, re-finding the products one-by-one.

7. Purchase Amazon products without your Affiliate ID tracking code.

8. Cast a Hex upon Bezos.

9. Take slow sips of hydrating water with 2 asprin to calm down, and affirm You like the Amazon, You like the Amazon.

This is a long method. Plus our browser history is distroyed.

Is there a better workaround?

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nathaniell Premium Plus
I'm not sure if I understand your question Michael. To purchase an item from Amazon without using your own affiliate link, you can just open an incognito browser window, or use a different browser (Firefox vs Safari vs Chrome).

Personally, I use Google Chrome profiles. I have one profile for working, and one for personal stuff, so I only shop on the personal one.
EButterfly Premium
Oh! Of Course! Incognito Mode!

Why the Amazon Associate rep did not mention Incognito Mode?!

Thank You.

Yes I also use Google Chrome profiles also. They are great!

My question was, by clicking my blog links from any and all Google Chrome profiles, however, would regrettably also apply my Amazon ID tracking code, and get me in trouble with Amazon.

But the Incognito Mode is the Answer!
Thanks Bud!
nathaniell Premium Plus
You should be safe by using Chrome profiles as well, as long as you are not logged into your Amazon account and not clicking Amazon links on those profiles. Sounds like you are familiar with incognito though, so that should be good enough.
EButterfly Premium
So it appears the above mentioned is the only option.

Furthermore, the 29 Difficult Rules of the Amazon Associate Affiliate Program, the AAAP, makes Affiliate Marketing for startups like me, that much more difficult. So it feels as Amazon is holding my hand, while holding me down.

After writing out the above question, I also watched these 2 videos right before bed...

It is now crystal clear Amazon is phasing out Affiliates. So we must prepare ourselves by phasing out Amazon.

The evidence suggests Amazon's downward commission trend will end the AAAP in a few years.

Right now I am half way through my 3rd attempt at the AAAP. It is questionable if I will make my 3 sales within the 180 days. I have 0 sales.

During this time, I have been faced with the moral dilemma. Do I starve or grow my business with Amazon, despite Amazon not caring about Affiliates?

The evidence also convicts Amazon as an evil corporation.

- Amazon cuts commissions during the pandemic 2020 April.

- Amazon resets cookie ID tracking to a new cookie ID, if the 3 sales within the 180 days is not met. The links still work for Your readers, but the commissions stop for the Affiliate.

- Amazon Prime Video has been exposed within the network. Searching a movie for purchase, will display all the retailers that sell that movie for $19.99 at 4K quality. Amazon is the only company that displays movies for HD quality.
Furthermore, if You want the movie and purchased through Amazon, and want it in 4K, you must visit Amazon directly, go to a separate page away from the SD and HD quality page, and pay $34.99.
Moreover, if a movie is instead purchased with Apple and at the SD or HD quality, Apple will automatically upgrade the customers copy, if and when that movie becomes available in the higher 4K quality.

- "Starting from the competition between SpaceX and Blue Origin, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos's feud have gotten more and more heat as the years pass by. Realizing the dominance that Musk has shown with Tesla, Bezos looks to take Musk's fame and money, with an ambitious, greedy, and emotional plan to crush Tesla. In this video, I discuss Jeff Bezos's greedy plan to crush Tesla."

Amazon was the one company that made Affiliate Marketing so easy, who accepted my startup business into their program. Yet they are evil. So I am promoting an evil corporation. I can not help but think of the parallel of Jeff Bezos is to Amazon, what the Star Wars Emperor Palpatine is to the Galactic Empire.

My Conclusion is the Amazon Associate Affiliate Party is winding down. Amazon will eventually abandon the AAAP. If I continue to promote my site with 100% only Amazon, and not diversify, I will have left myself out in the cold. For me, today is the beginning of my exit off of the Amazon rollercoaster. I'm now being accepted into more programs. EBay recently accepted me. Think I'll explore this today.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Uhhhh.....don't be an Amazon Affiliate?? 🤪

Seriously though, I feel your pain, Michael. The rules are utterly ridiculous--reminds me of the song, "It's a small world, after all"!

countrylife Premium
I always follow their rules, terms and conditions.
Please reach out if you need help or a hand.
Wishing you well, continued success and a terrific day.