Have a page or a post that you just created and want to get comments on it or feedback from other members? Post it within the comments below.

Also, if you do post something within the comments below, please make sure you "give back" by posting on at least 3 other members websites.

We are a community here and getting group feedback on our websites and comments on our actual content can be very helpful! :)

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Zarina Premium
Hey guys!
Loooong long time no see :)

Anyway, I am looking for some comments on the latest posts that I just published.
http://kasottyblog.com/what-is-online-sales-pro (related to online business)
http://kasottyblog.com/instant-gratification-vs-delayed-gratification (related to personal development and it has a video that you should watch - you will laugh your ass off!)

As usual, I will be happy to return the favour - for those who know me, I provide quality comments :)

Have a great day/night!
boomergp08 Premium
Left you a comment Zarina. Funny video with the little kids and an important message.

If you would like to return the favor you could leave a comment on this post about the Coca-Cola Store affiliate program.

BrianHansen Premium
Good Evening fellow WA friends,

Still looking for some loving on my WA testimonials page. Especially if you have been premium for awhile and can share a bit of your experience.
I want to thank you in advance and dont forget to leave me a link if you want me to return the favor :)
Have a great weekend guys.
Juneyo Premium
Leave you one. Would love to have yours in the post below =)
BrianHansen Premium
Great article. I left you a comment and thank you for your feedback on my site.
svthomas07 Premium
Mr. Brian, really appreciate your effort to bring this site. Got lots of information which is so much useful. Amazing site. Keep it up!
mykc724 Premium
Hello WA Members!

I just finished a brand new product review on my niche website, and I would really appreciate a few quality, thoughtful, and engaging comments to kick things off!

In exchange for your comment, please leave a link back to one of your articles right here, and I will return the favor!

Here is the link:


Thanks everybody!
eric100 Premium
Hi Guys, I make my website for 4 months now, and still in progress. I had make 20 post and 8 pages including my landing page. Some of my pages/posts need some more comments. Here is my website link http://everydaycarrytools.com your free to choose where do you want to make your comment. I really appreciated! Thanks in advance! Leave your link and I will return the favor as much as possible.

Kind regards,
VynetteH Premium
Hi Eric,

I looked at your site on an iPad. Your store looks like it is supposed to have 3 columns but they are overlapped. Also, if you are trying to sell products on your site, y do you have Amazon widgets?
I found the English a bit confusing. Is this a translated site?
BrianHansen Premium
Hi Guys,
I need your help. I have created a page for Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials and I really need your input so I can share it on social medias and hopefully get more people joining the community.
I hope you will help me by spending 10 minutes on this post.


Leave me a link and I will return the favor.

Thank you for all you do,