Hello everyone,

We all create posts and include references to back up what we claim on our posts.

Is it important to create a policy about references that we use (similar to that of an affiliate disclosure)? If so, what is included in your message?
Thank you very much:)

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philmedia Premium Plus
As long as you ref naturally where appropriate you will be fine it can be a Web link for example. Just don't copy and where you are quoting make that clear. It's not a thesis Good luck
richardgb Premium
Hi Farah, I am not a lawyer but have not come across any laws that require bibliographical disclosures. However it is good practice of course to name sources. In your shoes I would search for a plugin for bibliographical purposes such as these:
DianeK59 Premium Plus
I believe it is mostly personal preference, although some articles seem to need a reference, while others just don't.
countrylife Premium
Hey Farah
I never came across or aware of.as long as I include the source of my research when using. But I think I still have to write my own copy.
Wishing you well and a terrific day.
Farah20 Premium
thanks for fast reply, when you say to include the source of your research when using - I only do this with the words highlighted, so when they click on the words, it takes them to the source website... I do not have a references list, is that needed as well?
countrylife Premium
I believe that's fine too seen both, some include bottom of page and some like you say highlight and hyperlink.

For example Wikipedia has internal linking within text but external bottom of page.