Throughout the years I have gotten several emails about sponsored or guest posts on my website. Usually, I find that the content that the agency is trying to promote for their client does not match up with my audience.

However, I recently got emailed about a new sponsored post and I was curious if any of you have had any experience in sponsored/guest posts on your website?

They have asked for a rate and said they will share the idea for the content after their client approves the rate for the article.

I would love to hear about some experiences from other members here in this regard! I want to move forward with it while also having as much experience and what not behind me before executing it.

I have never actually fully accepted any of these offers before because they were not relevant promotions but if this one turns out to be a good match then I think I would be up for it!

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jofa Premium

Most of the agencies are agents to MLM companies that looking for ways to de-rank your pages. All they need is a loophole to get into your website. Care should be taken to avoid them at all costs if you don't plan to erode all your hard work.

The only trusted ones should be those you are extremely sure of. The MLM and competitors are everywhere trying to throw junk links and de-rank your pages. Most especially if you are in the MMO niche.

They are in every forum and affiliate programs, the rule of thumb is never to accept except you are 100% certain of the motive and source of the link.


shermand2268 Premium
Hi Colton,
I accept guest posts on one of my websites. I've only gotten two so far. The articles were well written and appropriate for my site, and I charged $25 each to post them on my site. Here's a nice post by Lynne here at WA - she's got more experience with this...Debra
Jay Gumbs Premium
Most of the time when it's cold outreach, the article they turn in for the sponsored post is usually low quality.

I responded twice to two such requests, one was for a guest post (so they were just looking for a link back) and one was for a sponsored post (they asked about a rate).

Both posts submitted were below my quality standard. One sounded like they used an outsourced writer whose native language was not English and the other had content that was outdated.

9 times out of 10 they're just mass emailing website owners about sponsored/guest post opportunities. Their emails normally start something like


I was reading your website and loved the content.... blah blah.

They somehow don't know your name enough to say, "Hello Jay" and often suggest content that is a mismatch for your site although its the same general market.

I would suggest that you accept a couple of these just for the experience. Maybe you'll get lucky and find one that works but for the most part, if it's cold outreach then it's probably not going to go well.
jvranjes Premium
I have no experience because I ignore such offers that come daily. Here is how I see it.

You have probably heard about very recent Google's action against link exchange, so this is something to avoid. There is a conversation with Google's Mueller who speaks explicitly that this holds even for sites that are a good match.

This is what he says:

"So… a link exchange where both sides are kind of like you link to me and therefore I will link back to you, kind of thing, that is essentially against our webmaster guidelines.

So that’s something where our algorithms would look at that and try to understand what is happening here and try to ignore those links.

And if the web spam team were to look at it they would also say this is not okay.

And if this is the majority of the links to your website like this then they might apply manual action.

So that’s something I would avoid"


"It doesn’t matter if it’s… like topically relevant or if it’s kind of like a useful link.

If you’re doing this systematically then we think that’s a bad idea because from our point of view those are not natural links to your website.

They’re only there because like you’re doing this deal with the other site"


As for paid posts with links pointing to other sites, accepting money from a few of them will not change much in your life. On the other hand, doing this on a massive scale is not a good idea; those sites are most likely below your site's level and it is bad to link to them. Many of them will vanish and you will have dead links, but you know all this already.
ColtonJames Premium
Thanks for reaching out man.

Yeah, I've seen Google's recent statements regarding link exchanges and I'm happy that it's seeing more light in regards to all of the spammy "blackhat" websites out there. I haven't seen or read about that conversation being had at Google which definitely helps me to understand more in-depth of what they're wanting to avoid. I can absolutely see, on a systemic level, how this would harm any website which is why I've avoided every single offer until now.

If I can get an extra $100 though... It's easy to see how it is intriguing lol.

I can see if someone reaches out and provides a high quality piece of content for my site on top of paying for a small promotional link... then I can see it not becoming a problem. I think I'll reach out, send an offer of $100 for the promotion and see if they are interested in that deal.

On a massive scale, I'd absolutely not do it. But after 400+ posts and Google's trust over the years - I don't see them knocking me out over one promotion. It's an interesting opportunity and I've always been extremely careful with random promotions.

Again, thanks for reaching out! I've gotten another promotion on my other website but it's from a highly reputable brand...

What are your thoughts on accepting a partnership promoting a reputable brand/line of products in exchange for a link?

I've asked them about putting a link of my website onto theirs (since they are reputable) but maybe I shouldn't put too much emphasis on getting a link to my website on theirs since that could possibly send some "red flags" to Google.
jvranjes Premium
Many new members here will not know this, but you are the only person (known to me) here who reached a 5-figure month income within the first year. I assume you are still doing great and you can manage without those mentioned $100. But I am sure you will do this the right way.

Not sure what this is about the mentioned partnership, bit it is again some link exchange. Not my terrain really.