I was recently contacted with this guest post offer:

"I hope this email finds you safe and doing well!
Are you open to a guest blog on anywherenanytime.com? I’d love to provide you with a well-written article on a topic relevant to your audience and something your readers will enjoy.
I’m working with a client from the Marketing industry who can be a great value-add for your blog and readers!
We are also open to discussing a small admin fee to cover your time reviewing and publishing our piece.
Happy to send you some topic ideas so please let me know if you're interested?
Thanks in advance and stay safe!"

I've been really busy these days and had only responded with some questions back to them. But they have persisited to contact me several times. Is this normal? Is it normal to offer a small fee to cover my time for editing, etc?

Any feedback is welcome!

Thanks in advance,

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ParthaB Premium Featured Comment
Hey Robin,

To be honest, I'd completely ignore this request.

You'll receive plenty of offers of guest posts, as your site matures and has a greater online reach.

However, there were quite a few things in this email that perturbed me, well. completely put me off if I'm honest.

Here's how I see it:

"I’m working with a client from the Marketing industry who can be a great value-add for your blog and readers!"

No, No, No... that immediately sounds like you're trying to sell me something, Nope, not interested. Don't come knocking on my door and start telling me how you have a "marketing client" (sounds painful) who can add value to my blog (Why, what's wrong with it now?)

"We are also open to discussing a small admin fee to cover your time reviewing and publishing our piece."

Excuse me, Mr. High & Mighty, who are you to tell me that you're "open to discussing" a "small" admin fee? It's my site, I own it, I have not approached you, NO, you came to me, so I shall decide how much I charge (and it definitely won't be "small").

"Happy to send you some topic ideas"

Well aren't you full of yourself? Once again, it's MY site, who are you to tell me what topics YOU would like to write about? My site, I make the decisions .

Okay, perhaps a little tongue-in-cheek, but hopefully you get my meaning.

If I wanted to approach someone with the aim to guest post on THEIR site, I would certainly have a far more humble approach.

I would explain the reasons for my interest (usually, I'm in the same niche or I find the topics on your site of great interest). I would provide you with a link to a relevant site of mine, or articles that I have previously written. I'd ask you to take a look over my work, if and when you have the time. I would say that I'm open to whatever terms YOU wish to discuss (within reason).

And I'd probably butter you up a little with a few compliments as well, LOL.

JoeRebisz Premium
Wow! Jump on that Prince!!!!!!!
RobinMc1969 Premium
Thanks A LOT for all your thoughts. :)
JeffreyBrown Premium
I think that Prince Partha has you completely covered, Robin!

jghwebbrand Premium
I am confused by your post. I am not sure what your purpose is.
The website link is to your own website.

Please explain what you are looking for...
JoeRebisz Premium
I don't think I would do it, personally. You're better off writing your own stuff because you would have to read their and edit so it sounds like what you want anyway.
YumaBloggers Premium Plus
Yeah, I wouldn't take a ton of these posts but remember my friend you will need a ton of content, and these posts are generally written and placed by professional SEO firms on behalf of big companies and can shoot some content that pays you up front as well as a long term into the nix.
YumaBloggers Premium Plus
You will get them from time to time, many are legit but make sure that payments are on your terms and the post does, in fact, fit into your site's niche well before signing an agreement. Small fee though is not something after you should get no less than $40-$50 because the post and resulting links will be a permanent addition.