I have been gone for a while, and since I left, amazon has changed the way you put click to buy products into website content. Can someone walk me through it?

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lesabre Premium
Hi Rhonda, when Trish, George, Diane and Abie speak I follow what they have to say.

All the best,

Triblu Premium
Hey Rhonda,

You may find the following video training helpful: Hope this helps you.
jghwebbrand Premium
Yes, Amazon now uses the Site Stripe. Which when you become familiar with it will really like.

Here is some training for it. I would suggest you create a post called "test site stripe" and try each of the options so you can decide which you like best. Then you can trash the "test site stripe" when you are familiar with them.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - you now need to find the product through your own personal Amazon shopping account. You don't do it through your affiliate account.

Search for the product, and then on its page, you should see the Site Stripe bar, to get your HTML code.