What is the best way to attribute in Word Press an image downloaded from Wikimedia Commons?

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rjkennedy Premium
Not sure, but other members will have the answer.
jojocinq Premium
Good to know
timstime20 Premium
Triblu gives great direction
Check out the links she provides
Great place to get help
Thanks WA community
Triblu Premium
Hey Oren,

Here are 2 pages of the same tutorial to assist you: Hope you find this helpful.
webbsight Premium
Here is what I do:

Once I select and insert the image where I want it in the post,I go back to the file page and click "use this file" and box will display as in the image below
webbsight Premium
I then copy the text in the highlighted box and in the edit for the image, paste it into the "image title attribute box and update and done. Hope this helps.

Cheers, Brad