I have installed the Amazon Associates OneLink on my website from one of the training videos on here which was really useful. However, I'm a little confused. I have made quite a few sales from my UK links since installing OneLink but because I am yet to make a sale through the US link, it's telling me I haven't made any sales at all, despite the accounts being linked?

I presume this means it only works one way, ie. I should put the US link on and the UK sales should go through it rather than the other way round? I'm a bit wary of doing this just in case it doesn't work and I lose out on sales!

Any advice greatly appreciated!



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GiuliaB Premium
As Triblu suggests, you might want to contact Amazon. To me OneLink has been a bit of a disappointment as I don't seem to be able to use it as I'm based in UK, and the UK site doesn't have it. Or am I wrong? Any UK based people that could use OneLink out there from Amazon.co.uk?

Louise2812 Premium
Yes, that's exactly my problem - I think it only works one way so for us being based in the UK we still have to have two separate links.....I will do as you both suggest and contact amazon - thanks for your help :)
Triblu Premium
Hey Louise,

I would highly recommend that you contact Amazon support in your Amazon Associates account. Having had issues trying to get my link to work, their support staff were amazingly helpful.

Hope this helps you.
jvranjes Premium
It is really problematic, the same here. I asked people from UK and Canada to check so it is totally unreliable, some links work some not.
Jurgen78 Premium
Hmm it should work. I only use US links, and since I configured OneLink I got sales in UK and CA.