There are alot of experts in my niche and it would seem odd not to mention them. Not anything bad, just stuff about their skill area. What are the rules with this?

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steveo5770 Premium
It is a good idea to link to other authorities within your niche. If fact, Jay (magistudios) specifically mentioned that this is a good idea in one of his WAbinars.
bbhugaloo Premium
Well. I just thanked a WA member who gave me a right advice by name in a comment when forwarding the same advice to another WA member. I think its OK. An if I am sure an expert can help where somebody is struck, I think its OK - well as long as we do not receive compensation - and we are only helping.
grampamike Premium
Author and songwriter, Paul Simon stated, "there are 50 ways to leave your lover."

You have experts in your field that you would like to mention. The above example is a typical format for including a citation and quote from some expert.
Prestones Premium
Hi Julie!

If your niche is outside WA, you can refer to people and pages to your hearts content. For example, if my niche was face painting, I could mention MaryAnne McCartt and perhaps even her face painting ideas on Pinterest at

If it's already out there, no issues - and she might appreciate the mention and reciprocate!

Loes Premium
Just ask them for permission, they will tell you what you can and can't mention. I have quite a lot of WA testimonials and links to people here, but all asked personally.