The Centralized Affiliate Links Strategy


When I got to learning about this strategy I was at 17 articles in my site. Once I read it, I froze all content creation.

The centralized affiliate link strategy is - in my point of view - a very important strategy especially that it focuses on how Google looks at raw links within an article.

I created two articles that concentrate on the affiliate programs and preparing for the third. I am also still waiting for the approval of one program after which I will need to write an article that talks about it.

After that is done I will need to go back to all previous articles and create internal links through text and banners that will direct to the articles that talk about the affiliate programs.

Then I will need to search for a plugin that helps managing sidebars, headers, footers...etc, to allocate affiliate banners that will also link internally to the affiliate program articles.

A lot of time will be allocated for this strategy re-adjustment. If this strategy was mentioned earlier in the training maybe I would have structured the website in this manner sooner, and didn't have to go back to each article to fix it.

One thing I am not sure of though. If banners on sidebars have raw links would Google also downgrade the page?

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I realize this post is 2 years old, but I just found it. 😊 Is this still the recommended affiliate linking strategy today? So far, I've not seen any training that covers this topic. I currently have several articles on my site that have raw affiliate links directly to Amazon or other places. Should these be removed, and instead create some "review" posts about the various products I'm recommending, and then have my articles link to those posts instead.

How did you find it? What were you looking for? May I ask? I would follow up on what's current vs a couple of years ago :)

With Amazon now, you cannot display images unless you have attained three sales in 180 days then you can sign up to an app with API

There are premium plugins that defeat this utilizing their API and not violating the TOS.

Rami posted a lengthy comment on Kyle's latest "Beer with Kyle". I looked at his profile, and then found this on his blogroll.

I usually just download a product image, upload it my site, and then link it to the affiliate URL. Is that against their TOS?

It is against their terms of service. You have to use your API access to get product images or the API of a Premium plugin. Phil wrote a post about this.

There are plugins that do not require you to have your own API access, you can leverage theirs without violating TOS

Oops. I guess I have a few changes to make on my website then. 😆

I see, you have investigative powers lol

Really!? Wow...!?

I seem to amaze you daily! :)

I will need to change my name from Mr_Michael_G to "The_Amazing_Mr_Michael_G" :)

Your User ID has to be 12 characters long... I wasn't aware you were amusing me lololololol

That's what I am saying, but Mr. Michael wants to amuse us, so they said... Back to my first comment and the latter bit :)

Furthermore, here are some Amazon plugins if you are interested in fetching an API (you would need to have attained the three sales in 180 days.)

WP tasty

There are premium plugins that do not require your first 3 sales. And cost yearly what Lasso charges for 2 months of use.

Really? I am not sure that's true. Can I have the URL of this image, please?

Yes Michael that is true

Omg! Have you changed your user ID??

I still do not know if this is true ??

I found info about having to obtain images via the Amazon API only, but nothing about having to make three sales in 180 days to use the API.

That's what I know unless it has been updated lately.

But my question was about the centralized affiliate linking strategy, so I'm not sure how we got off on this tangent. 🤔

You cant use the plugin Lasso until you have three sales but there are other plugins you can bypass that requirement and use the image

You need to hear from the author really as it is their blog post

I would be wary and follow up on the Amazon rules to the tee so you do not void your affiliation. That's my take!

My goal is to find other sources for the products I want to promote and eventually not use Amazon at all. I'm working on 2-3 core products to promote that will negate the need to use Amazon at all. But until then, I will comply with their rules.

Yup, i hear you :)

Have you tried the 'Promote' tab top menu?


You can do a google search
Your niche + affiliate programs
Your niche + affiliate programs + location
and see what results you get

Or networks

Absolutely! 😊


Hello MaudMan,

I guess you had your fair share of replies. Personally, I still follow this strategy. I only have one raw affiliate link in all my articles in my bio at the end of each article.

Otherwise, I have one post where I talk about a certain product or service, and I link to it whenever I see an opportunity in the post that I am writing.

I depend on my sidebar for direct linking.

I was really surprised to find comments on this post after all this time,, thanks for digging it up :)


I have changed all my articles to adhere to this centralized linking strategy.. my question: are sidebar raw links considered page links by google?

Can you clarify? Not clear and thank you.

The centralized linking strategy advises that you create one review page and then make other articles link to it rather than all articles linking to the affiliate product.

Sidebar links across all articles, if they link directly to the affiliate product. Does google consider the sidebar as part of the page, therefore, considers that each page having raw links?

In another way.. Should I also make the sidebar links link to the review page as well or is it ok to make them link directly to the affiliate product (raw links)

On mobile devices sidebars show at bottom of the page, not many would scroll down all the way to the bottom. You may add a banner or two however I keep it discreet, simple and relevant.


My question is related to the centralized linking strategy shown in the above article and not related to how they appear on the website.

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