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Great day WA friends!..I received some great news about my lastest post on my website. It has been indexed to Google. Yayyy!!! I am continuing to get better with my content and coming up with more ideas and being creative through the process. Inspiration of the day: PAUSE. REST. BUT NEVER GIVE UP!TTYL WA friends!!
June 06, 2021
Today was a good day. I have done alot of research over the weekend and I am almost ready to bring everything together. inspiration of the day: Slow and steady wins the race. Talk to you later WA friends!
May 29, 2021
Hey my WA friends..hope everyone has a safe weekend and enjoy yourself. I don't have much planned for the weekend but to enjoy whatever comes my way. The goal for the weekend is just to write, write, write..
What's good WA friends!.. Its been a hot second since I've posted. I had to hit the restart button on my ideas on my website and now I feel its coming together alot better than before. I hope everyone is acheiving their goals and having positive outcomes on all that is pursued. I spread positive vibes and blessings to all. Motto of the day: Stay focused, consistent and trust yourself through the process..WIN!...
December 09, 2020
Hello WA friends, It's been a minute and have I really been that busy?....yes! Just wanted to drop in and continue to pass the positive vibes and blessings to all. Hope everyone is well and be safe! TTYL friends!😁..gotta get back to work!
November 22, 2020
It was such a nice day in my neighborhood (weather wise) and very relaxing. First time in a long time that I didn't have to leave out my house today... Go me!! 😁 I live for moments like this, especially when the week starts with appointments and all the things that you dread to do..yall know how Monday's go. and this too shall pass.. Thanksgiving is in a few days and I look so forward to spending time with my loved ones and giving thanks to the many blessings that I have received this y
November 18, 2020
Happy! I feel so good about what I have accomplished today. I started another article yesterday and I finished it today and I of course am very pleased with my work on it overall. As time has passed by since I have started writing about the things I write about within my website, the writing has become easier along the way and how to find great information about what I'm trying to write about.comes easier as well. I'm glad. Quality content is valueable! Inspiration of the day: Always give somet
November 11, 2020
INSPIRATION OF THE DAY:Stay inspired by surrounding yourself with positivity and stay clear from negativity, for negativity drains your energy and takes a toll on your wellbeing! You create the world you want to be in! What's good everyone? Just wanted to say Happy Veteran's Day to all Vet's and to spread the positive vibes around to all my friends here! Thank you all for your inspiration and support and may God bless you all! TTYL
November 09, 2020
Today was a good day, especially for a Monday. I have been researching and focusing on my work and honestly I feel better about what I have been doing since last week. One article at a time, and making sure I give quality content on top of it, most importantly. I am learning more and more about my niche and all of the content I want to add on there and the information is endless on the many things that I can write about. It makes me happy when I think about how I want my website to be helpful t
November 07, 2020
Hey WA friends, I have reached a 6mth milestone here and I am proud of that accomplishment. I have learned so much here and I love the support from all my friends on here that I just wanted to share this moment with you all! Thank you all for your support.