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Finally! Three of my articles have been indexed by Google! Last I posted my webpage had been indexed. I'm slowly contributing articles to my website and now I have three of my articles indexed! I can thank my rankings to the classes here, especially the one on "low hanging fruit". Picking keywords and topics where you're likely to be seen by the engines and by individuals searching for that topic reall does seem to work!My current webpage is all about Natural organic soaps and how beneficial
I logged in this morning to the news my website has been indexed by google! That's a great feeling since I've just started the process of adding images AND I just started working on my third article. Now it's time to keep plugging along and to being building affiliate relationships. I just wanted to share the news! Happy tuesday to all of you! All the best, Anne
March 01, 2021
It took me awhile to settle on my niche and it's completely different than I thought it would be! I'm just happy that I'm moving forward, walking down a path I've never been before.In the meantime I'm learning an entirely new set of skills. The last website I set up was for my art. It wasn't complicated but it certainly wasn't flexible. I love the flexibility of WordPress but I have so much still to learn, both from my successes and my failures. I'm heading forward to begin my very first post,