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July 28, 2015
Well, I've been here at Wealthy Affiliate for almost a month and have learned a lot. My website is really coming along. My friends and family love it! I haven't made any money yet, but I'm following the training and hoping for the best!I'd appreciate any feedback on my site!Thank you and Smile,Angela
Hi all,I'm working on my website and getting excited about my progress! I'm so happy about the comments and feed back I have received so far and would love more!I'm looking forward to the next stage in learning how to make money and am hoping to make my first penny with in the next three months. My six month goal at this time is to be making some spending money each month and, of course, making people smile!Wish me luck and I wish you all luck in your endeav
July 01, 2015
Well here goes.....I took the plunge and just became a premium member. I am nervous but looking forward to this new adventure. After doing some research I realized, unless you are a computer guru, you'd have to spend a whole heck of a lot of money to get all the things premium membership gives you. So feeling pretty lucky to have found WA and hoping for great success!