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July 16, 2019
My trip to the international OCD conference is not happening. The irony of it is that, I was supposed to talk about the challenges of suffering from OCD in my country.I have learned a lot about my condition and how it is like suffering from a mental illness in my country. Although some people I have been talking to, understand and appreciate mental illness. Most do not know the impact of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, in general and the impact it has on families in our society. The African fami
July 10, 2019
I have realized that what will bring me happiness is the ability to help people who can never be able to repay me. But for me to do this,I have been invited to the International OCD Foundation’s annual conference in Austin USA from the 19th to the 21stof July 2019 to talk about OCD around the world, commonalities and unique international perspectives. I am the only speaker on that panel from Africa, and I find this exciting because there is so much to talk about, as a woman with OCD and t
July 07, 2019
I made my first radio broadcast this week, telling my OCD nightmare as I call. I am hoping that openly talking about mental health will reduce stigma as well as educate people about OCD. When I discovered that I was suffering from OCD, I looked for a support group and I could not find one. I had to join international support groups. It was life changing, being able to discuss my nightmare with people suffering from the same disorder. Knowledge is power. Just knowing that what I was suffering
July 01, 2019
How does one start forgiving oneself. A friend of mine Rose on a Sunday morning, went to church as usual. Her son, daughter and husband were supposed to go for the next service, Her phone was completely off. I received a message from the daughter just after the service had started. She asked me to tell the mother to go home urgently. I passed on the message.Rose drove back home at full speed. She entered the house and found her son's friend howling on the floor. Confused as she was, she managed
Imagine living in a world and having a disorder that noone knows about, noone talks about. Imagine having a disorder, so cruel that it lies to you. Imagine having noone to talk to, noone to ask, noone to share with. Imagine your brain telling you that you are a horrible person, that you do not deserve to be on this earth. Your brain, telling you that you have to kill your child, or drive thecar over the bridge. Each and everyday, the brain telling you that you have to die.Imagine what all this
June 27, 2019
All my life, I have often wondered if I was worth it. If I deserved to live. I always had these serious intrusive thoughts which were really scary. All this would leave me really tired because i couldn't understand what was going on with me. I imagined all sorts of horrible stuff happening . I remember from when I was a teenager? before I left the house. I would always have images of horrible car accidents. For some reason, that gave me the security that everything was going to be Okay. Can I,