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A couple of days ago, I had quite a shock when I opened up my Google+ page. It was suggested to me that I might like to connect nephew! My nephew is currently at university studying media studies with a particular specialisation in direction and production of sports video (If you are interested in this niche, check out his site - ). Anyhow, I found a new email address for him there, so I copied this into my desktop based PIM (Personal Info
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This is a very quick post but I thought some might find it helpful when setting up a new domain name. when you register a new domain, you will be given an option to set new nameservers or to set it to forward to another domain. Let's say you have already made a start on building your new website on a siterubix sub-domain. It might be tempting to just tell your new domain to forward to the existing site. This easy to do. Just a s easy as setting an email address to forward to another. But it wo
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I only joined WA five days ago and I already have 9 peole join as starter members from my introduction. I have been amazed as I am only talking about maybe 100 people I sent the following message. So I thought I'd share it as maybe others can find an idea or two to use for themselves if they are thinking of how to introduce this great site to those already in your circle. " Hi I am firing off this message to you today as I wanted to let you know of a major decision I have made, as soon as possi