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Wow! So I just created my site on Saturday and started building my content right away. I was not expecting to be ranked nor indexed til the end of the month. Here it is Monday and I'm already ranking in Google. My next goal is to rank on the first page. I will continue to build more content and see what happens. I am focusing on keywords but also low hanging fruit keywords the most, less competition and I honestly want to make sure I put information that will truly help my readers. Just because
October 01, 2014
I'm So EXCITED!I can not wait to complete my training. I finally will have my own business up and running soon. Moving along to level 2. The trainings are fantastic and very informational. I am so happy that they have video training as well. It's really easy when you have a niche that your passionate about. I am happy to know that my business will not feel like a job, but more so a hobby. I can't wait to be My face when I learn something new in training!