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March 30, 2016
My life took a 180 degrees turn in the end of 2015.Moved with my daughter to a new home in january 2016, now I have to share her with her dad every other week... It's awful for me the week she's not with me... but at least she has as both parents trying to make her happy.Decided to grab my life with both hands and organised myself. So... what's new?I am, my life is, my way of living is.Picked up my brands and making them work.First I'm building my miniatures for dollshouse shop and blog here at
July 20, 2015
I only had a decision in life that I didn't think at all about it: I wanted to have a baby (preferentially a girl). I have her for eight years know :)I am a perfectionist, an enthusiast about learning, I know a bit about computers, so... let's give it a shot!I'm awesome! (I'll keep reppeting that till even I belive it!) ;)