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September is self care awareness month!!! Well according to a google search and social media posts so why not!!?? So lets all reflect on our lives and find a new or improved way to take care of ourselves! Best wishes for great success and health!
Hi all!!! Hope you're all doing well! I've been occupied with family and my girls being home due to covid. I've missed chatting with all of you and hope things can return to normal soon. Today I will celebrate my birthday with my family!!
Hi all! I'm having a blast blogging and getting to know all of the WA members! I want to share my successes here with you below and deeply thank all of you that have helped me in any way! You are all the best!! Write blog articles and reviews: 41 product reviews and articles overallIndex on Google: Articles indexed and most recent articles indexed within 2 hours!!Focus on Pinterest Business : Grew to 176K monthly views and over 1000 views on pinsFacebook Business growing: Over 36K people re
This has been very interesting times for our nation. To keep my mind focused and positive I've jumped into my new business. My new business has helped keep me from falling victim to negativity and I'm so thankful for that! I'm also thankful for the WA community and help I've received from numerous members. I hope I can also help you all one day too!During this time I've had some tasks that I've been working on:Write great blog articles and reviews: 30 product reviews and articles overallInd
Enjoy this joke of the week! And eat healthy and feel great!Why did the teddy bear say no to dessert?Because he was stuffed!
Memorial Day is an American holiday, observed on the last Monday of May, honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Some Americans take off work on Memorial Day to honor the fallen men and women.
May 22, 2020
This was a good week but I have to share my huge challenge. I was having some problems with my social media icons and where they were landing on my site. I was messing around with the plugin but I couldn't figure it out. I reached out to site support and the ever so helpful Marion Black. Of course both were very helpful. During the process of deactivating the plugin and searching for a new plugin, I got this message: There has been a critical error on your website.Learn more about debuggin
May 09, 2020
Today marks my one month anniversary of my very first article. It took me 2 whole days to write and publish it. Wow! I've grown and learned so much in one month. Thanks to the amazing WA community and all the help they have provided me.
When you focus on the good, the good gets better 🌸
I upgraded to yearly and I can't wait to grow with WA and the community of members!! Thanks for the great deal and bonuses!! I'm excited!!