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I just noticed that the WA keyword tool have changed the way it show the QSR which I say is nice. But I also see that it give different results every time I try again with the same keyword. Anyone have an opinion about this? Thanks edit: here is the screenshot
A little success in my journey. I joined WA two weeks ago. When i try to search one of my keyword in google, to my surprise, i am at 4th rank and get 1st rank in yahoo...woohoo..I am just a newbie and also not much of a writer. What I do is just follow the affiliate bootcamp course. I am now at course 1 lesson 8 and manage to made 3 reviews (wew...3 more to go). Although I haven't get decent traffics still this is a result worth to note. I am so excited!! WA Course really rocks!!! Thank you, K
Hope this will speed things up!! \o/ I'm excited, cant wait to learn more lesson from the course and put it into action. This will be the beginning of great things ahead! Cheers!!