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Wahoo!! Just checked my Webgains account and found that I have actually made some money through the affiliate links on my website - ok, it's only 78p, and nowhere near enough to be able to have it forwarded to my bank account (I think the minimum amount is £20), but it's proof that the system works.I won't ramble on, but feel inspired to carry on building my website. And you know what they say about little acorns ....Alison
I’m scratching my head here. (No, that pic isn’t me, but the sentiment is!)I know the issue of quality site comments has been written about before, but I decided there’s no harm in mentioning it yet again, as we all know the more we absorb information on a particular issue the more likely it is that eventually it will stick!Yesterday I asked for site comments on a post I’d recently added to my site. When I checked this morning I was delighted to see that I had received 4
I've been doing a spot of overdue page rank checking for the posts on my website, and was really happy to see that one post published in January had made it to page 3 on Google! None of my other posts so far have made it anywhere close to top rankings for its own keyword phrase - I gave up on each keyword phrase when I got to page 15.It got me thinking, what should I be doing differently to get my posts ranking higher on Google? I'm hoping that this brief analysis will be of interest to others
Hey everyone, I've just finished writing a new post for my website, and see from the Site Content Dashboard that I have written 20,219 words! Now, that's not all published yet, but I think that's a pretty good achievement, and is certainly moving me closer to my goal of having enough content to make my site rank well on search engines .. which will lead to traffic .. which will (hopefully!) lead to click throughs on affiliate links .. which will (again hopefully!) lead to lots of ££
Is it just me, or does anyone else find the Webgains Affiliate platform completely impenetrable? It seems to be a model for how NOT to run an affiliate program. There doesn't seem to be any help available for users, an introduction to the site for new affiliates, a list of FAQs, nothing. It seems to be up to us to muddle our way through the site, to work out how to create affiliate links. But as a complete novice at affiliate marketing I just DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING! I could apparently open u
January 31, 2020
All packed and ready for the long journey .. yearly membership starts today!Hi everyone, just thought I'd share that I've just taken the plunge and upgraded to yearly membership at Wealthy Affiliate. I've worked steadily through the training in my first month (currently half way through level 3) and really believe that there is an incredible wealth of information and support at Wealthy Affiliate that goes way beyond the membership fee, especially if you opt for the yearly one. The training al
Hi everyone, this may seem obvious to many, but it just occurred to me this morning how I could write book and product reviews as posts, so that they can elicit comments, but also have said reviews show up in their own menu button. And that's via a 'Book and Product Review' category that I created under Posts-Categories, and then under Appearance-Menu I saved that category to the main navigation menu.Hope this helps anyone who's been wrestling with it like I have!
January 20, 2020
My WA journey so farI joined WA at the beginning of this month, and have been very diligent going through all the training. I am now getting to the end of lesson 2, and have a niche website - - with five different posts on it. I have really enjoyed the lessons so far, I feel it is all very well constructed, although the fact that it throws you in at the deep end right at the beginning is a little scary! My niche - kitchen gardeningI have chosen fruit and vegetable ('kitchen
January 09, 2020
I have taken the plunge and bought two domains through WA. One is for my own brand, and I'm planning on creating a shop so people can buy my knitting patterns direct from my own website. The other is for niche affiliate marketing, so will build it out as I progress through the training. I'm so excited :-)
January 07, 2020
Just thought I'd share that I've gone through the lesson 1 training, and have completed all the associated actions. Have decided to give the premium membership a go, for the first month at least, as I'm really keen to get going with affiliate marketing and make some money in 2020!