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November 25, 2018
I took the plunge today and got the yearly offer, It was not easy because it's been financially very challenging since we just had a wedding in the family and still need to re coup but I want to say I believe it's an amazing investment and can't wait to see what awaits in 2019.
November 08, 2018
So much is going on in my life now that I have been completely absent from WA.My first daughter is getting married this weekend,the excitement is all over the place and there's also a lot of pressure to finalize last minute details, I am hoping all will go well.I may be away but it's for a good reason,I will be back as soon as the wedding guests leave,please be praying for us that all will be great .In this time of all this craziness, I managed to finish level two of the training,I am complete
November 03, 2018
Wow,what a ride the last 3 months have been, it has been an amazing experience since I joined wealthy affiliate, I come with absolutely zero computer knowledge and started learning from the bottom, I have had to learn all the basic at the same time do the training here, My journey has been pretty slow but in that time I have surpassed my own expectations by what I have been able to achieve.I managed to finish level one of the training and now almost finishing level two,I have also built my fir
September 20, 2018
My birthday present yesterday night was finding out that my site was indexed by Google,I am still reeling from the excitement considering I have been very slow in my training so was expecting it's going to take a while .I would like to encourage all that hard work pays ,I can now begin to appreciate all the hours I have put it to build my website and I believe if I keep investing in it I will soon start to reap a harvest for all the work done .A big thank you to all who have inspired me through
September 19, 2018
This is my first post here,I am very grateful for the courage to write it especially because today is my birthday, I woke up with my heart over flowing with love and gratitude for how far I have come,I have been up and down in my 52 years of life but have always kept my head up and kept moving forward Today I am reminded that just two months ago i barely knew anything to do with the internet,I had just joined WA as a starter member,in just a few weeks I have learnt so much from the training her