Value Pet Supplies US
By Awin in Category Pets

Pamper your pets without breaking the budget at, and pad your own wallet when you join as an affiliate. Our site converts at 9% with an average order of $90 on a catalog of 8000+ products by 80+ top national brands. From aquarium supplies and reptile habitats to cat toys and dog chews, has everything pet owners need to keep their canines, kitties, and other pets happy and healthy. even carries name-brand Puppy Pads, its own line of meaty and long-lasting Bully Sticks, and an array of eco-friendly products, along with great furniture, bedding options, and grooming essentials. What's more, is on a mission to support rescue operations and promote rescue pet adoption, so every time a customer chooses to save money on pet supplies, they'll also save pets.

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Bob3200 Premium
I tried to join this program through the link here and got this message: The account you are trying to view is not active

I went to the site and they do not have a link for an affiliate program. I have not called them or sent them a direct message yet. But, does anyone know if they even still have an affiliate program? Just asking before I go through more, possible, unnecessary steps.


TheAbiePPlus Premium Plus
You need to apply to Awin, as they're part of the Awin group; that's what it says when you click "Join this program."

It also says, "Value Pet Supplies US
By Awin in Category Pets" <<<<<------
Bob3200 Premium
Thanks, your link works.

What I'm saying is the "Join this program" link/button on this page, does not work. Other than it does go to a page with Awin at the top of it, but gives the message I originally reported.

Most likely the links to these networks needs to be updated on here. This has happened at times in my searches.

Thanks again!
Vreeves3 Premium
How do you post items for potential customers to view to click on for them to see the particular item in that store and you get the commission off of that item if they buy that item?
suzieq Premium
Hi Vicki,
That's a big question, lol! The best answer I can give you is to go through the training again, and all your answers will be answered.
But basically, you want to apply to be an affiliate of the platform or item you want to promote. When you get your affiliate link, you will add it to your content. This means you'll be writing about the product (review?) and linking to it in the article.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - first of all, you need to apply to join the affiliate program, and then if approved, they will supply the links to the products. The links will have your personal ID embedded in them so that the company knows it was your website and you get the commission. This is covered in level 3 of the training, so don't get ahead of yourself.

However, it is far too early to think about adding affiliate links. When you apply to join the program, they will inspect your website to make sure it has lots of relevant content on it. That is what you need to be concentrating on in the early stages, writing lots of articles for your website.
JeannineC Premium
I’m the Awin affiliate network rep here at Wealthy Affiliate. If I can answer any questions about the Value Pet Supplies program, please let me know.
Cadillac96 Premium
I am thinking of making pet accessories my niche. But is that too broad? Should I narrow it down to something more discrete like dog beds or dog toys? Aren't you restricting yourself if you go that specific?
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - pet accessories itself is quite broad, but there are ways of narrowing it down, while still leaving yourself enough content to talk about. Remember, you wish to be seen as an authority on a particular subject. So, instead of going for the obvious pets such as cats and dogs, you could pick something more specialised such as rodents or reptiles. For example, snakes require heating, lighting, etc.
JeannineC Premium
I've seen both, honestly. If you want to become an expert on dog beds, then become the go-to site with maximum knowledge of every kind of bed, it's strengths and weaknesses and value. Or, if you want to go broad, then do dogs or cats. There's no right or wrong here, so do what you want to do!