Your favorite foods shouldn’t be hard to find! Snuk Foods is a global bazaar of the best specialty ingredients from across the world. We’re on a mission to end the “ethnic foods” aisle of your supermarket, because people of every background deserve the convenience of healthy, delicious ingredients delivered right to their doors. Snuk Foods is one of the fastest-growing online global food bazaars in the US, offering consumers over 2,000 hard to find products. Snuk Foods has offices and wharehouses in Brooklyn New York, and services 48 states. With access to over 2,000 hard to find food products, our Affiliate Program is the leading food affiliate program with a strong proven customer service track record. Our program combines best-in-class products, favorible prices and a proven ability to convert traffic with high commission on our side. All features of our affiliate program are designed to give you great tools to convert and monetize your traffic. Top four reasons should you join the Snuk Foods Affiliate Program? One Program - Global Reach: Snuk Foods offers over 2,000 hard to find products, giving your customers a great value prop which helps with conversion. Direct Revenue Sharing: Our affiliate program enables you to make a percentage on every sale you deliver (up to 15%), providing you with a proven commission path to help you make the most of your traffic. Impeccable Customer Experience: The Sunk Foods website offers an easy to use customer experience resulting in high conversion. Long Lasting Cookies: With a cookie life of 30 days, the Snuk Foods program allows you to continue earning revenue as customers return weeks later to make additional bookings. Ingredients with integrity. Great food requires a healthy respect for tradition, hard-won relationships with skilled producers, and an obsessive eye for quality. We seek out brands that have earned the trust of their communities and are innovating in exciting ways. And we’ve spent decades in search of producers with sterling reputations for healthy, high quality foods. Lifetimes of experience: Snuk Foods is a team of ingredient obsessives, market buyers, professional chefs, seasoned cooks, globetrotting journalists, and supply chain operatives. We have on-the-ground experience at production regions in Latin America, the Middle East, and East and Southeast Asia. In other words, we know quality when we see it. What’s the name Snuk all about? Snuk is the romanization of สนุก (sanook), a Thai word that translates directly as “fun,” but refers more broadly to a sense of joy and free-spiritedness celebrated in Thai culture. It’s also the name of a very good girl that one of our co-founders met on an ingredient-sourcing trip in Thailand. Curious, loyal, and raised on a diet of roast meats and tropical fruit fresh off the tree, Snuk the dog is our mascot and guiding star, a reminder that cooking, family, and joy are best intertwined. Shop our collection of 2,000 specialty ingredients from along the Silk Road. Search by product category, region, or dietary need.

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I’m the Awin affiliate network representative here at Wealthy Affiliate. If I can answer any questions about the Snuk Foods program, please let me know.