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ROKA is a premium sports equipment and apparel brand that started in 2013 in Austin, Texas. Since launching, ROKA athletes have won over a dozen world titles and have been instrumental in the design and development of patented and award winning products. In 2016, ROKA was proud to send 18 athletes to the Rio Olympics, and even prouder to take home Gold and Bronze. With our debut eyewear collection in 2016, we set a new bar by making performance ultralight and by making sunglasses that stay put on your face, even during the most extreme training and race conditions. Featuring a suite of the world’s most advanced optics, performance materials, and patented technologies, our award-winning Ultralight Performance Eyewear showcases a range of styles that deliver on our promise to create the finest technical equipment on the planet, full stop. In addition to sunglasses, ROKA offers high-end triathlon training and race equipment including wetsuits, swimskins, tri-kits, and goggles, which range in price from $25 to $1000. Our website currently offers just over 1000 different products, with an average order size of $175. Orders typically range anywhere from $15 to $2000. Program Overview: Commission Rate – 4% Referral Cookie Duration – 30 Days Target Demographic is men and women between the ages of 25 – 55. Our customers are typically athletes in some form or another, and truly appreciate what new innovations in technical apparel and equipment can provide in terms of winning. Home Try On (HTO) purchases are not commissionable   Search Policy:  We encourage affiliates to use generic keywords in their search engine optimization, which includes both organic and paid search. However, affiliates under any circumstances may not bid on what ROKA considers to be branded keyword terms, nor may they use our trademark name(s), domain name(s), or any misspellings or variations of either. We will immediately stop working with any affiliate partner who we believe to be in violation of this policy.

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Ingus Premium
I have joined the CJ Affiliate. Searched there for Roka, but couldn't find.
If you want to join here the program it forwards to the CJ Affiliate Sign Up page, but does not allow to log in already signed up users.
I think Roka Affiliate Program needs revision.