Jonas Studio is a New York-based men’s jewelry collection built on three generations of expertise in craftsmanship. Founded by industry veterans Larry and Bonnie Jonas, the Manhattan design studio that exists today is the culmination of a series of successful brands that the Jonas family has developed, the first of which debuted in 1987. The mission of Jonas Studio has always been a simple one: to construct visionary, high-quality pieces that reflect a signature style. The key to the Jonas design process is an appreciation for evolving lifestyles and a deep connection to New York’s vivacious energy. For the launch of Jonas Studio in 2016, Larry and Bonnie joined forces with their two children, Rachel and Zachary, to create a collection that was as modern as it was timeless. The family-run jewelry collective is a fully integrated vertical business operating out of a Midtown Manhattan studio, where collections are designed and produced. This unique, artisanal approach to creation has allowed the brand to remain adaptable and highly personal, ensuring collections evolve with the times and that customer service is always exceptional. Jonas Studio believes that design should be a meaningful process that incorporates the finest artisanal craftsmanship, and therefore collections are produced to the highest standards possible. Handcrafted in the Manhattan Studio by a team of artisans, every collection put forth by Jonas Studio thoughtfully considers the different aspects and needs of the modern customer. The brand sees jewelry as a covetable creation that has the power to reflect heritage, personal expression, status and personal commitments. Jonas Studio pieces are designed with a purpose in mind and the family behind the brand aims to create pieces that are as meaningful to the wearer as they are to the creators. Jonas Studio collections are named after and inspired by the city in which they are created – New York, and the brand offers collections that are as diverse as the city that inspires them. Program Benefits: Commission paid on all products High AOV 30 day cookie period Reguarly updated creatives Dedicated account manager

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