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I found a really cool free resource online that I've started using to make HTML tables for my blog posts. I use it mainly for listing products, specs, and prices. I find it useful for giving users an easier time for overview the products listed in a list post.Here is the link follow the instructions and paste the code in the Text Editor of your post.You might need to cut out the style sheet code and paste it into your header section in order for the table c
For the past few days Google has been asking me to check the little box that proves I am human. I wonder if this is something to be concerned about. Has anyone else encountered this? Has it any effect on your online business?
August 25, 2017
This is based on a comment I left on a new user's question, I felt it important enough to share with others who may need some help setting realistic financial goals for themselves.Sometimes, we're so focused on just getting the money that we forget what we want to do with it. That's the reason for money. Not to just sit unused in a bank, or store under a mattress, but to be used toward another aim. It's like water. Water that just sits in a contain after a while stagnates. Whether it is going t