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April 12, 2017
Morning WA,It is Wednesday (04/12/2017). My previous post was an intro on the new free giveaway that I am cohosting with a company on my website. This post is just an update to let my WA family know some stats from the last few days:Since the free giveaway has been posted on my site:Traffic to my site has increased by roughly 50%.Twitter followers have increased by 20%.Instagram followers have increased by 400% (This has been very surprising).Sales have increased on my website.I will try to g
April 08, 2017
Several weeks ago I did a blog post about benefits of doing giveaways. That post was based on a video game giveaway that I paid for out of my pocket. Today I am excited to announce a review and giveaway that my website is cohosting with Grillbot.I did a full review of the Grillbot which includes pictures of each step. After the review was written, I posted to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram and mentioned the criteria for the giveaway. In 2 weeks after the giveaway is complete, I
Recently I looked at some of my competitors' sites to see if they had any advantage over my site. Quickly I noticed that several of them had some non-mainstream social media platforms that they were utilizing. I added some of these platforms to my site and within 2 days, I have had more traffic by the non-mainstream social media channels than mainstream channels.So what are these non-mainstream social media (and other) platforms? Here are a few:Bing - Kyle has a great video on why having you
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March 31, 2017
Does anyone need some help making a logo for their site? Shoot me a private message and I would love to help. PS it is 100% free.
March 28, 2017
Hey guys! If you have been following my blog posts, you know that I am always trying to creatively think of ways to increase traffic to my site. This morning I took a step back and realized my long-term project, NerdGifts has only been formally live for 20 days. With the site being so young and already producing the results that it is producing is amazing.So this post is just a reminder for all of us to occasionally take a step back, take a deep breath, and know success will come. It may not
Hey WA! So I have been working hard on my site NerdGifts. You guys have been extremely supportive and provided great feedback. Previously I did a giveaway of a video game that boosted traffic like crazy. I paid for this giveaway out of my pocket just to get the first one under my belt and wrote a blog post about the benefits of giveaways.Since then, I have been contacting some companies about co-hosting a giveaway promotion with my site. There are a few that I am having discussions with BU
Good morning all! If you haven't read the original Affiliates Helping Affiliates, check it out on my profile page.If you are planning to buy something online today, list it below. Use the first affiliate that replies to your comment with their affiliate link.NO SPAM! NO RANDOM COMMENTS OF AFFILIATE LINKS! THESE WILL BE DELETED.
Good morning all! If you haven't read the original Affiliates Helping Affiliates, check it out on my profile page.Today I am going to be purchasing something through Amazon. I will use the first person that leaves their Amazon Affiliate link in the comments.
March 18, 2017
Recently on I created a Giveaway for (1) copy of the highly anticipated game Mass Effect Andromeda. To be eligible for the giveaway, a user has to follow @Nerd_Gifts on Twitter, retweet the giveaway post with a specific #, and like the giveaway post on the Facebook page. That's it. No sign-ups, enter e-mail address, or anything.I started the giveaway a few days ago and my Twitter followers have been steadily increasing. Facebook engagements increase by nearly 600%