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August 17, 2018
Amazing how quickly time flies.Can't believe it is two years already.Now is a good time as any to reflect, if only briefly, on my achievements, disappointments and goals.Firstly Goals: Top 200 ranking, trip to Vegas and steady income stream of $1,000.00 month.Achievement: 2 google indexed websites, 28 posts with 162 visitors last month. 500 ranking and 400 followers.Disappointments: Too many distractions and I've yet to strike gold.Still, a few lines from that famous poem
September 24, 2017
Just achieved Certification Badge for completing the ten lessons in level 5.Next goals: Top 200 ranking and Ambassadorship.Oh, and of course, to see the $$$ roll in.
September 08, 2017
Hello WA family,As most of you are aware a Monster hurricane Irma is currently cascading throughout the Caribbean causing catastrophic damages. While its the the third major one for the Bahamas in 3 years - the storm also threatens residents in the southern Florida coastline. Please whisper a prayer for ALL persons impacted while we prepare for the arrival - and especially departure - of this un-welcomed guest.
August 17, 2017
Wow! how time flies. My 1st year anniversary at WA, already. And what a year it has been. From the starting blocks of building websites to creating content, adding links,etc. - it's been an exciting journey.Disappointments & SuccessesMy biggest disappointment is that I have yet to earn any income. Yes, there are contributing factors such as 2 sudden deaths in the family and a disastrous hurricane.Nevertheless, I'm currently on level 5 of the Online Entrepreneur Course and Phase 2 of Bootca
May 31, 2017
The story is told about an aspiring concert pianist. He was was so enamored with the piano he took a loan from his bank in order to purchase one. He practiced 24/7 for years, with only minimal success. Finally in frustration, he decided to attempt one of his favorite pieces for the last time. Just as he finished, he sensed the presence of two men standing near by, listening intently. The men had been sent from the bank to repossess the piano. However, after hearing such a beautiful and mov
April 07, 2017
Hi WA family,April 8th marks my 8th month milestone here at WA. It continues to be sometimes challenging, but exciting journey with tremendous training and helpful advice. A brief summary of some of my achievements include:Setting up my website, creating quality content, getting ranked in google, adding affiliate links and mastering social engagements. Persistence and Patience are the hallmarks of success, and so the journey continues.Thank you, WA family, for your support and encouragement.
March 28, 2017
Hi guys, The story is told of the famous musician and composer, Jan Paderewski who, when asked by a fellow pianist if he could be ready to play a recital on short notice.Paderewski responded, "I'm always ready. I have practiced eight hours daily for forty years." The other pianist remarked, "I wish I had been born with your determination."Paderewski then replied: "We are all born with it. I just used mine."Question? How is your determination? Are we here at WA drawing upon our determination to
February 08, 2017
Today marks my sixth month milestone at WA.What an exciting journey - from building Websites, creating content, generating traffic, Affiliate links, Ads, mastering social engagement - the training has been superb.No, I haven't struck gold yet, but digging must come before harvesting.I wish to thank all my WA friends and family for your helpful insights, answers to questions, and motivation.I believe the best is yet to come.Can't turn back now.
January 16, 2017
Hi guys,Have you ever felt like you were in a rut - whether here at WA or in your personal life?I'm sure we've all been there at one time or another. Hopefully, the following poem I came across by Ann Stortz, provides a solution - or at least encouragement to press on.When all the world is looming dark, and things seem not so clearWhen shadows seem to hover 'round, Lord, may I persevereWhen it seems everything's been tried, and there's no way to goJust let me keep remembering, sometimes the jo
October 17, 2016
Like so many others, we, in the Bahamas, have been under the gun of hurricane Matthew and it's aftermath recently. It has been a frightening experience with severe destruction to trees and houses - but thank God, no loss of life. As electricity and other services are being restored, it's great to be alive, and, despite the derailment, back on track with my online WA business. Regrets to those in the Caribbean and USA who may have suffered in any way. God bless!