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Finally, this video has been uploaded. Note: The reason why this was not able to upload was that my Privacy Badger blocked....wait for it....An Amazon simple storage tracker cookie....go figure. Once I lifted the privacy barrier from Absolutley-Not-Red, to medium-yellow, the video uploaded immediately. (this cookie: brought popcorn?If you have any questions about the video, (written steps are included in de
The other day, ok, it's been probably a week or so now, grin, that I started to create a training video for adding text onto an image. Man, what a workout...I use the free version of Screencast-o-Matic, an online site that offers free screenshots and videos. The free version is scant on options, yet, I can record up to 15 minutes. Much better than the ol' Jing recorder that had a 5-minute max time.The reason I like the screencast version for video recording is that it is SIMPLE!!! Easy to Use!F
Let me preface this first...When we think or say something about ourselves, the more we repeat, they more that becomes our story. When you can recognize that you have said the same thing more than twice, good. That means you can stop from repeating the same line, story, whatever you want to call it.What happenes is that our story becomes our truth, even though it may not apply anymore.I bring this up because I have stated in posts here, and in my personal life as well, that I process slowly....
Typography is the description of the written word. The effortlessness of reading a page, an article, or even a novel, the style of type can determine the ease of transmission from page to brain. Whether the type is fine or bold, straight, or cursive, simple or elegant, this is what is meant by typography.The way type is used to make a statement, or to caption an image, the way it is written can manipulate the senses, convince it otherwise, by a simple twist of the pen, figuratively or literally
HOTTTTTT!We Northwesterners (US) are not used to the kind of heat we are having lately. A few weeks ago Seattle broke the record at a whopping temp of 108 deg Fahrenheit on JUNE 28!. That's 42.2 degrees Celcius.June is known for warming temps, with foggy cold mornings that melt to clear blue skies by noon...Well, It did in California.Mid August, we expect to see some heat...The high 70's - low 80's is hot...up here, lol...In the last couple of days, our heat has hit the upper register, soaring
As we work on our websites, you will find that some plugins help you with cleaning the cache, compress images, etc. You can do this by automatically in the settings, or set a schedule for clearing out the residue.Yet, we run into problems when we post a new blog or add a new image, and the old one appears.No matter what we do, refresh the page (that DOES help sometimes), clear the cache of the website, or simply start over.Raise your hand or nod if you have ever sent any pages/posts to the tras
I decided to post a blog, rather than to leave a lengthy reply to the post by Kyle,Official Posting Rules at Wealthy Affiliate Hey Kyle, I think we're pretty clear about the rules, for the most part. The main issue is the method used to report these posts/comments/chats/. There does not seem to be any rhyme nor reason on the factors behind the expulsion.WA has grown way past the automatic 3 strikes and you're out that occurs automatically when a member's writing privileges have been disabled. A
July 08, 2021
YAY Me!Today I picked up a new referral and Jaaxy signup! Not sure from whence it came.I am Doing Something Right!YAY Me!
In a reply to a recent blog post by NewMe202 - I wrote this:----------------What makes WA the ideal affiliate program for me?The value of the platform.Hosting costs- not so much, however what the WA hosting offers is seen nowhere else. Free ssl is becoming more commonplace, yet we also get free support that is excellent, and free privacy that is not free with many other hosts, no matter the plan selected. The training videos. True
June 22, 2021
Whether or not you 'missed' me, the question is rhetorical. You may or may not have noticed the lack of my comment posting on the boards since June 18. On that date is when I posted a comment to THREE posts on that day. On June 19, following an email link to read one of Simone's posts, I wrote what I thought was an eloquent reply. The words flowed in a way that I had not seen in a while. It felt great!However, when I hit send, the content I had written disappeared. It was replaced by the dreade