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No cover image. Am on phone. Old phone had Gallery and I could browse for any of my pics. New phone has Google Photos and browsing only shows a few.I have a new keyboard for my laptop ordered. Backspace key doesn't work. I make too may mistakes not to have backspace.So no posts for my blog either.I just wanted to post so my fans wouldn't wonder if I dropped off the earth. Fan? Casual passerby?Anyway I had this idea. There are gobs and gobs of WA members. If thousands of us posted ea
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Writing on phone so this will be short. The backspace key on my laptop doesn't work. New keyboard ordered.and on my phone keyboard somehow the Z and the Y have switched places. Poltergeists?A man walks into a bar. Stop me if you've heard this one. Orders a Corona and 2 hurricanes. Bartender says that will be $20.20.
August 19, 2020
ChystopherJ has been posting national days like Talk Like a Pirate Day and National Donut Day for people to have something to post on social media that may help develop a following. I thought something like This Day in History posting significant events that occurred each day of the year would be interesting to a lot of people.Since all these events have been previously published online I am going to put a link for each day so you can see which events happened on that day.If you want to post
August 17, 2020
Wang Dang DoodleI have been putting links to music videos in my blog sometimes Last time It wouldn;let me publish it until I edited it to remove the video,So if you don;t see a video link here it is because the fun police are watching,
Yesterday a fellow WA member posted a real hard luck story. He had no money, his house was about to be foreclosed on and his internet had been cut off. He was posting from an internet cafe.All of the other commenters were saying things like "Its always darkest before the dawn" and "when you're down there is no place to go but up." It was like being at a funeral. "At least she is not in pain anymore" and He's in heaven now." Having been on the receiving end of such comments I know they don
August 14, 2020
You know what 420 means and I need to get a few more hours of sleep
Time has come todayLike sands through the hourglass so go the days of our lives. This post may or may not turn out to be all about time. Had important things to do today. Wasted all day so far commenting and getting into discussions on other people blog posts. I might as well write one of my on.So lets talk about dogs and cats for a minute. Dogs are loyal companions and servants to mankind. Cats have a staff of servants. A lot of people think that cats don't care about their human se
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Stone Junkie - Curtis MayfieldMy name is Neil and I;m a junkie. Well, if there was a 12 step program for software junkies I would have been sentenced to be in it. I sometimes impulsively buy cheap programs that I see in an email message. In the past I have spent up to $25,000 for a software program. Actually that USA 3 of us who chipped in $25K each to have a programmer write a special version of an existing program just for us. That was not an impulse buy. Fortunately it turned out
Some of us, me not included, are really good at marketing on social media. The people who embraced Facebook from the beginning and are familiar with it's structure and culture are the ones to whom engaging with strangers in idle chit chat comes as naturally as breathing. Others, myself especially never got into social media on any level except like in my case having a Facebook account that I might look at 2 or 3 times a year. So we have to find other methods of driving traffic to our websi
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Ah,, but I was so much older then I'm younger than that now.I had it in my head this afternoon what I was going to blog about but my internet went out. I called Cox and after being on hold for 20 minutes with tech support they told me it would be fixed at 8:54 PM. I don't know how they could know to the exact minute but it started working again. I didn't check the time to see how accurate they were;Dreamers Can Only Dream - Rational Men Make Dreams into RealityI came up with that one mysel